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bradleywillsimpson missed my best friend

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bradleywillsimpson missed my best friend. x

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usera omg JESSE

userb so fucking cute i love u so much

userc i actually cant believe how in love with you i am wtf

thevampstris sorry but uhhh which one's the dog in this picture?
L bradleywillsimpson bitch

astragomez omg DOGGO
L bradleywillsimpson 🐶❤️

xanxiety 👀

userd wtf is xan doing here ahahah
L xanxiety sizin up the competition
L bradleywillsimpson we talked about this, man, there is none

astragomez oh my god you've talked?
L xanxiety yeah baby 💔all's good
L bradleywillsimpson ahahah we did indeed

usere this is mental😂😂

userf honestly what is going on how are members of the fucking vamps interacting with lil xan oh my god
L thevampstris honestly you tell us😂

connorball pretty doggo ugly boy
L bradleywillsimpson get away smh

jamesmcvey oh my god brad what the fuck is happening
L bradleywillsimpson 😒🤯

userg brads so pretty why isn't astra fawning all over him again cos i mf would be

userh see astra brad has an adorable DOG pls fall in love with him and move back to the uk so i can meet u baby 😿
L astragomez comin back soon anyway for a lil while princess so don't u worry xx

useri astra lowkey lurking on brad's comment section hmmm
L xanxiety she with me rn so it don't mean shit bruh

userj 😂😂😭

i feel soooo weird writing out interactions between the vamps and bloody lil xan but it's so fun literally lmao

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