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astragomez always gotta know that i'm hard to replace, baby🍒❤️

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astragomez always gotta know that i'm hard to replace, baby🍒❤️

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usera is she indirecting brad wtf man

userb i'm so confused why is she indirecting brad what about diego

xanxiety and ur all mine baby girl
xanxiety nobody else's
xanxiety wouldn't wanna replace you👅
L astragomez baaaaby💗💗

userc am i the only one who cringes at diego and astra's relationship? she's the hottest person i've ever seen and she's dating an ugly ass soundcloud rapper this must be a glitch in the mf simulation
L astragomez if u don't like my relationship stay out of my business sweetie. me + diego are happy thank u
L userd he's always w diff girl TEA

bradleywillsimpson liked your post

bradleywillsimpson 🤯
L astragomez omg lmao maaaaaad
L xanxiety ??

usere oh my god oh my god

userf this is fuckin mental

userg dastra or brastra ???
L userh astradley i reckon not brastra
L xanxiety stop deeping their ship name she's

useri this is so funny diego feeling threatened by a member of the vamps wtf

L userk THE most ambitious crossover

it makes me laugh so much writing this
the vamps + lil xan ahahah but <3 hope y'all enjoy xx

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