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you always did look better with glasses bradley ☺️

glad you think so, astra
thank you :)))
hope you're doing well x

i'm doing amazing, thank you
i can see you are too <3
you look even better than i remember ahahah, music gave you a glow up

i could say the same to you but you've always been out of this world, honestly
anyway oi stop tempting me to flirt !!!
your boyfriend already hates me ahahah

he's just protective sometimes, it's okay :)
sorry ahah, its my fault im just happy to be speaking to someone from back home
i feel so sad and miss home so much

why're you still out there then, love?

career out here, i guess
and i've made friends

and diego, i assume? x

well yeah ahah
but touring with him makes me lonely cos i'm never settled and it's hiiiis friends not mine
not to mention the girls up on him all the time

why do you put up with it, astra?
i see stories all the time about him with girls, him hooking up, him partying
and the comments telling you that u deserve better aren't wrong

he's so good to me when i'm with him. he's loving and gentle but also the opposite when i want that. he does care, and i wish people realised i knoooow he fucks w other girls
but we're happy when we're together + he always comes back to me in the end

that's no way to live, babe
you could do so so so much better
you don't deserve him to use you like that

with all due respect, bradley, you don't know him and don't really have any place to comment
but i do appreciate it, i really do, and i know you're probably not wrong
but i'm happy for now. maybe when i touch down in england things will change

i hope they do.
i'll make sure they do:)
you deserve the best, astra, you really do
gotta go, but i hope you're taking good care of yourself, astra
i'm always here if you need a chat. promise
also: my number is ***********, text/call whenever. x

thank you, brad
i'll keep that in mind
bye xx

sorry i've just finished exams i am actually back now ladies n gentlemen i love u

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