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new imessage from

i'm busy here defending you
but am i gonna get a message
explaining why you're fucking that brad dude behind my back

i'm not fucking him behind your back diego
good fucking morning to you too
play this whole "they're friends" like you understand then come at me like this

you're mine
he's trying to win you back i'm not blind
and i'm not being fucked over
no fucking way

with all due respect, diego
how many times have i had to sit back while you've cheated on me? because at this point i couldn't tell you, i've lost count. i pretend it's okay because you come back to me, because it's me you share a home with, it's me you post about and it's me you call your baby at the end of the day. but it's not fair, it's not right and im fucking fed up of it. i'm not cheating on you, but you sure as hell couldnt say SHIT if i was. you don't wanna be loyal to me and that's fine. i can't pretend brad's company hasn't made me feel different recently. but we're gonna have to end this if that's how you wanna be. i've had enough.

baby you can't break up with me like this
i swear i haven't even gone near a girl while i've been gone, i love you ma, you're my girl and i'm trying to prove that to you

you've said that so many times and i still see pictures of girls all up on you
i'm made out like boo boo the fool consistently and i'm done with it
if you really wanna talk, call me. but if you don't then we're through, diego.
i love you and you know that. but i cant be your safety blanket, especially when i know i can be made to feel genuinely special

by brad? is that why you're doing this?
you want to fuck off back to brad?

it's not just because of brad. i felt so comfortable around him and his mates last night though and it was refreshing. he cares, that's the thing. and he's made me realise things i guess. but it's just draining being here for someone who doesn't really care til they need someone to run back to.

if that's how you want things, fine
but don't expect me to pretend this is all happy and fine because that's not happening
i love you. i fucking love you and you don't even realise how much
but bye, astra

astra has renamed diego😻 as lil xan

ouch ! didn't want them to end by text but their whole relationship is weird so they may aswell looool

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