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astragomez ☎️☎️tagged xanxiety

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astragomez ☎️☎️
tagged xanxiety

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userb deadass fuck me mami i love women and only women

neelsvisser 😘
L astragomez ?? why lol
L xanxiety fuck off she doesn't want u back
L neelsvisser was just being nice lmao ouch

userc xan is actually suuuuch a psycho boyfriend why the fuck is she with him
L astragomez sis neels is an ex who fucked me over.... my lovin boyfriend doesn't like him? is that so wrong? back up baby

xanxiety that's my fuckin girl looook at you ma you're so hot 😍💔damn straight i took this
L astragomez stop u cutie i love you 💗💗

userc it makes me so sad she's so blinded by how she feels, she deserves better :(
bradleywillsimpson liked this

L userd he sooo still likes her clearly
L userc DEFO

astragomez 🙄

ellamartinez my pretty gal 💘💘💘
L astragomez babyg 🖤

usere i keep patiently waiting for brad to comment but he won't cos he's probably scared of diego which is so shit wtf

bradleywillsimpson stop speculating please, guys. i'm literally just following an old friend, not desperately trying to win her back. it's fine, calm down.
L astragomez thank you bradley☺️

userf this is all such a weird situation
userf i wonder if diego + brad have spoken
L userg something tells me they bout to ^^

xanxiety everyone needs to calm down bruh. the guy knows his place. he knows she's all mine. i ain't got a thing to worry about. that's my baby and nobody else's 💔

userh hey guys, get u a man who treats u like property just like astra's mans😳😍🤪😭
L xanxiety i love her, she's not my property. just don't appreciate all this shit ok

useri omg this is so FUNNY wtf
useri such a mess

bradleywillsimpson exactly. i 'know my place'. uhhh nothing's gonna happen

currently in prague + so i'm just posting prewritten chapters so !!! enjoy

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