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Growing Up As A Gilmore [1] » Gilmore Girls by that_one_writer_chik
Growing Up As A Gilmore [1] » Gilm...by that_one_writer_chik
Ayden's lived a good life with her mom and twin sister for almost sixteen years now. But things are changing and she doesn't know how to deal with all of it. With a new...
  • christopher
  • ayden
  • rory
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In Love with the Enemy.... Sort of by thelovelygeek
In Love with the Enemy.... Sort ofby Anna
At 23 years old, Elizabeth Waters is intelligent, hardworking and ambitious. She wants to own the world, always has. But there's one tiny glitch. She is broke. Also, sh...
  • tristan
  • eliza
  • michael
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You are the one by xbradsunicornx
You are the oneby xbradsunicornx
Nicola is new to Devon but is struggling to socialise but what will happen when 4 cute boys turn up at her door.t
  • thevamps
  • bradleywillsimpsonfanfic
  • tristan
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The Tomorrow People by aria396
The Tomorrow Peopleby aria396
Year 2142. The Glorious Era, as The Five call it. Mutants are used as soldiers to wage the fourth world war and those who refuse are hunted to death. Amidst a war torn w...
  • dystopic
  • romance
  • apocalypse
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Perf. Disgusting. On point. Tristan... by magicstarsandtristan
Perf. Disgusting. On point. Trista...by magicstarsandtristan
Tristan is my only friend (Gareth doesn't count). This is because I can't find a hot scientist to kill Gareth... I don't go outside very often... This story isn't about...
  • gareth
  • love
  • amazement
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Aquí encontraras todas las letras de las canciones de THE VAMPS(Proceso) Fecha de publicación: Miércoles 15 de noviembre de 2017
  • lyrics
  • tristan
  • brad
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falling for double the trouble  // trvp twins fan fic 🤙🏽💛 by multifuckinfandom
falling for double the trouble...by Katie 🤙🏽
This fan fic takes place with a girl named Katelynn(aka Katie). A boy by the name of Tyler likes her. The only thing is he has a twin broski 🤙🏽😂 ! Wanna find out why...
  • tyler
  • lovewar
  • igfamousboys
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Nicole's revenge by Breanna_Calvin
Nicole's revengeby Breanna Daigrepont
So basically this is Like a Part 2 to Kidnapped. An its where Nicole thinks she's lost it an Is never gonna make it out alive? Well hope you guys enjoy this one two!:) I...
  • mystery
  • kidnapping
  • nicole
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Once Every Full Moon by Shine_Bright_Diamond
Once Every Full Moonby Gigi
  • piper
  • drake
  • clyde
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I'm Friends With My Demons by icycal
I'm Friends With My Demonsby Jackie Frost
what if you could see demons? or know when there around? life for Harley and Allison Sargent is anything but normal.
  • tristan
  • scott
  • styels
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Tristan and Miles: City Lights  by zalou18212
Tristan and Miles: City Lights by blueeelouu_2
Tristan and Miles have never met. In this AU, Miles went to high school in New York. What happens when the two share a dorm? Will sparks ignite or will there friendship...
  • college
  • love
  • tristan
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Dm's by bradshotbooty
Dm'sby Brads lover
Sarah has been bullied for years and then her idol brad Simpson becomes her online friend.
  • jamesmcvey
  • connor
  • vamps
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The Drummer by clairrrrrre062
The Drummerby Bear
Natalie Fayla Roberts is almost 18 who's lived a life of always moving from foster home to foster home. By the time she's moved into a home with a woman who works consta...
  • evans
  • tristan
Summer of My Life! by the_simplelife
Summer of My Life!by the_simplelife
Annora Tyson wasn't a normal girl growing up, she didn't have it easy, her mother passed away when she was young. Years have now passed since her mother's death and Ann...
  • summer
  • annora
  • story
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The Vamps Imagines by FanStories007
The Vamps Imaginesby FanStories007
It's all in the titel Send in your requests, i won't judge you can ask everything x *One imagine every 2 days.*
  • imagines
  • bradleywillsimpson
  • thevamps
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The Vamps Preferences by Igotcaught
The Vamps Preferencesby I love Jensen more
It's basically a bunch of things having to do with The Vamps. Hope you enjoy it's my first preference book.
  • tristan
  • james
  • love
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