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brad simpson

hey brad
it's astra :)
i'm in london early as a last minute thing cos ella has music press stuff to do this week
and was wondering if you're free that's all

brad simpson changed unknown to astra

brad simpson
is that a good idea, astra?
if we're spotted together all hell is gonna break loose and you know that

i know but you could come to my hotel and watch a movie or something
or if we literally just got a coffee nobody will see us :(

brad simpson
you can't say nobody will see us you know they will
and i don't think it's appropriate of me to come to your hotel room :(
but the boys want to go for a few drinks so if you and ella fancy it then .. we can bump into eachother by chance i suppose

clever clever clever
i'd love that :) missed nights out in the uk

brad simpson
okay so let me see what the boys wanna do and i'll text where we're headed okay? probably at 8:30 ish

can't wait, brad :-)
see you at 8:30 then x

brad simpson
see you then, astra
please don't make me regret this ahah

intentionally short cos they're gonna MEET NEXT

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