Chapter 13: The Gouka Kawa!

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~The Next Day~

They were fully healed by noon, so they continued their journey heading east. And as they strolled at a steady pace, Hiryu stroke up a conversation:

"Hey Yami, I forgot to ask you something yesterday."


"Remember when you saved me from being sent in the lava?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"How did you survive?"

"Oh... As soon as my body was about to hit the flames, the fire-affinity mode activated."

"So why didn't you come out of the lava directly after?"

"Well because... I wanted to see what you would do if you thought I died."

"You prick! I thought you died in there!"

While laughing, Yami said:

"Hehe, that's why I did it! But after I flew in the lava, you looked as if you gave up and you let the Guardian beat you."

"I did... I thought you died... So I gave up... Since the Oracle told me that I was supposed to protect you at all cost. So as punishment for failing my mission, I was going to let the Guardian kill me..."

"Oh... But after getting beaten up a little, you suddenly started fighting back, what happened?"

"I remembered what you told me a few days ago, that even if you died... I shouldn't give up!"

"Oh... Thank the heavens I told you that then."


"But one more thing though..."


"That 'fire-affinity mode' name sucks and sounds really retarded... let's rename it Hi Manto."

"Hmm... That actually sounds pretty good."

"Yeah... Anyway, where are we?"

After looking around, Hiryu said:

"Hmm, since the Hi Dokutsu is barely visible now, we should be on the pathway to the Yoyu Uzzu."

"Oh, what does the Yoyu Uzzu look like?"

"Well... Like a normal forest... But on fire!"

"WHAT!? A forest on fire!? Is it even safe to go through there!?"

"Well no... Since it's a forest on fire... But that's the only way to get to the Gouka Clan."

"Damn! I guess we have no choice."

"Don't worry you'll be fine, if you're in your Hi Manto at least..."

"Hi Manto!? The only way I can use that thing is if I'm in danger!"

After saying this, they noticed something different about the atmosphere.

"Why's the air so hazy?"

"Wow... It's happening already!"

"What's happening already?"

"The haze around us, if we keep moving in this haze we'll get lost."

"Oh... So can't we just take a break and continue when the haze is gone?"

"Yeah... But the haze will only go away at night."

"Excellent! I always wanted to see how good my eyes were!"

While laughing at Yami's remark, he said:

"You sure you're up to it? They're some really scary cross breeds that come out at night!"

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