Chapter 9: The Ambush!

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~4 Years Later~

Yami was now 12 years old, and was able to control her energy to the point that it was 50 times easier to teleport; but even though she attained this, she still had a hard time grasping the alternate-dimension concept. As she only knew how to transport inanimate object there and not herself nor others.

Kazuto was out of town for 2 weeks now, as he had to visit one of his older students. So Sachi asked Yami to run an errand for her, it was to go and collect some herbs at the far west side of Sariku. So Yami quickly got ready and set out for her journey as she had nothing else to do that day; but before she left, she asked both Sora and Kora to accompany her, but she was turned down by both as they had to go out of town that same day.

Nevertheless, she quickly got out of the house and went to the bus-stop nearby; since she never went to the forest where the herbs grew before, she had to physically go there before she was able to teleport.

Once the bus came, she quickly got on, but since the forest was located at the far part of town (farther than Sora's home), it would take her 3 hours to get there! So as she waited, she started thinking about the things that happened during the last 4 years.

'Ah... I remember when I first took this bus with my friends a few years back... That was the day I met Sora! My life always seemed so plain before I met him, it's almost like we were destined to become friends... I wonder what he's doing now... He's probably taking care of his little sister, Kiana; she just turned 3 last week...'

She then started dozing off and eventually fell asleep for the entirety of the bus ride. But once the bus came to its final stop, the driver woke her up, and she continued her journey.

As she stepped out of the bus, she saw the forest where the herbs grew. It was on the opposite side of the road; as she went across into the forest, she saw several different types of plants, trees and animals. So she took out her phone and called Sachi.

"Umm auntie, what was the name of the herb you needed?"

"Oh, they're napalm leaves."

"Okay, and what do they look like?"

"They look like normal strawberry leaves, but have a blue glow once picked."

"Okay, thanks."

"No problem."

After which, Yami ended the call, and went deeper into the forest in search of the napalm leaves. And after roughly 10 minutes of searching, she finally found them; but as soon as she picked them, and put them in her backpack, her arm was firmly clenched by someone!

'Huh!? Who is this!?'

Immediately she looked up; and to her surprise, it was a young man around his late teens; but as soon as she observed this, 4 other males around his age suddenly appeared!

Then the one who clenched her hand finally spoke:

"I'm the leader of this gang and we all have weapons, so you better hand over that diamond necklace if you don't wanna get hurt... Little Girl!"

Annoyed by what he said, Yami asked:

"Don't you know who I am!?"

"Yeah, a LITTLE GIRL!"

"I'm Yami Shinigami, the Crimson Berserker! And I just got this from my last tournament."

"I don't care, just give me the damn necklace!"

Even more irritated she said:

"If you don't unhand me right now, I'll be forced to wreck you!"

While laughing he said:

"Wreck me!? Are you serious? You're just a preteen, and you don't even have anything to protect yourself with!"

"Oh but I do..."


As soon as she said this, the katana she sent into limbo earlier that day suddenly materialized in her hand, then she teleported behind the leader and said:

"If you give up now, I can just bypass what happened and let you live."

"Hahaha! You really think we didn't come prepared for freaks like you!?"

Suddenly, he side-stepped to widen the distance between himself and Yami, then he took out his katana and charged at her; once close enough he did several slashes, but to his surprise, Yami dodged them all!

So he ordered his goons to charge at her, but as they came closer and closer, she dematerialized and was transported into an unfamiliar place... Limbo! As a result, all the goons were killed as they pierced each other with their katanas.

After seeing the casualties, the leader was dumbfounded; but before he could even react, Yami suddenly appeared and gripped his right hand, then sent him to the ground!

As this escalated, he began to plead, and once she loosened her grip; he used her gullibility to his advantage and pushed her off, then charged in to attack her again. But before she could realize what had happened, he slashed her 3 times in her stomach!


He then continued with a low sweep that made her fall to the ground! And once this was done, he went to her downed body and dragged the necklace from around her neck; which caused the back of her neck to bleed, as the necklace was made out of diamonds alone, and it dug into her skin!

With blood gushing from her stomach, neck and now her mouth; Yami fainted. But as the gang-leader ran off, a dark cloak engulfed her body; and instantly, Yami transported the leader and his downed members into Limbo. And once there... She transformed; her crimson-red hair turned jet-black, her sky-blue eyes turned ruby-red, she was now sporting a black hoodie and her katana morphed into a scythe! 

Her reaper now had full control over her body, so it used the black flames around her to turn them all into ash!

After this was done, her necklace was morphed into a diamond watch that was now on her left wrist; and just above that, on her Metacarpals, lied the word (死) which was transcribed unto her skin.

After her reaper did these things, it transported her home, where it saw Sachi.

"Auntie Sachi!"

Shocked by the voice a demon coming from Yami, she shouted:


So the reaper said:

"Calm down! I'm Yami's reaper, I won't hurt you or anything, I just came to tell you that Yami was robbed in the forest today. She got badly injured, so I had to take control; in the end, I ended up killed them, there are no traces of them left because they were scorched in Limbo."


"But now Yami can access Limbo and take others there, but she also has the word "Death" on her left hand. It cannot be removed so I covered it with this red and black glove; you need to keep it on her so she doesn't cause uncontrollable flames to appear when she's angry since she can't control that yet. Oh and also, I changed the necklace she won a couple of weeks ago into a watch that also can't be removed, I would tell you what the purpose is now, but I don't want to ruin the surprise. Either way, here are the leaves you needed; and please take care of yourself and Yami for the next couple of days, she won't be able to really do much because of the trauma..."

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