Chapter 14: The Family Reunion

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~2 weeks later~

Yami was now fully healed and only a tiny scar remained on her stomach. After she got reacquainted with Hiryu... Rai, the messenger of the Gouka Clan, told them that the ruler wanted to speak to them, her specifically. So they left the hospital and went to the royal palace.

* * *

"Yami! My niece, how are you? I trust your wounds are fully healed now."

"Huh!? You must be mistaken, my only uncle is Kazuto Yoma."

"Hmm... So he didn't tell you, you were a descendant of the Gouka Clan?"

After hearing this, a flashback occurred and she said:

"Oh! My mistake... He did."

"Excellent! Well just to refresh your memory, I'll give you a run-down of your heritage."

After taking a breath, he continued:

"Well, you're a unique member of the Shinigami Clan, not only because you're the remnant; but because you have royal blood. As your mother, who was my sister and the princess of the Gouka Clan; met and married your father, the prince of the Yoma Clan...

...And because they were the prince and princess of their clans, when they married, a new clan was created, the Shinigami Clan. As only a prince and princess of different clans can create a new clan because royal heritage is required. So if per se a normal couple from the Gouka and Yoma Clan were to marry, and the Shinigami Clan wasn't created yet, they would have to wait until your father and mother marry before they could actually become a part of the Shinigami Clan and learn it's abilities. But because you were born into the Shinigami Clan by the leaders, you're the Shinigami Princess."

"So... What does that mean?"

"Well, it basically means that you inherited both the Gouka and Yoma abilities from birth; but since you're a Royal Shinigami, you can activate the Sacred Shinigami Clan abilities!"

He continued:

"But since you're the only Royal Shinigami, the only one who would know what those abilities are, are you and your reaper. So you would have to form a relationship with said reaper to actively use those abilities."

After soaking it all up, she responded:

"Oh I see... But how would I learn abilities from clans outside the ones I'm derived from? Wouldn't that be impossible unless I kill the leaders?"

"Well yes... But, you won't be learning their abilities, what you'll be doing instead is training how they train and understanding how their techniques work so you can create your own variant of said techniques."


"So for example, the Ora Clan; you would primarily go there to learn better energy control in addition to getting extensive un-armed training."

"Oh... I think I understand now."

She continued:

"So for example the Sukai clan... I could use my pyrokinetic abilities to induce fire-flight or something along those lines?"


He continued:

"But unto what I really called you here for... Hiryu told me about all the abilities you've learnt thus far, so I think we should start your training immediately. But before we do that, let me formally introduce myself and the people around us. I am Kaen, the leader of the Gouka Clan, this beautiful lady to my right is my wife Raito, and this young lad on my left is our son Kasai."

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