Chapter 12: The Hi Dokutsu!

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~The Next Day~

Yami transported Hiryu and herself back to the real dimension, and after a meal; they continued their journey.

"Hey Ryu, how far are we from the Hi Dokutsu?"

"Judging by the atmosphere and the soil getting denser, it should be just ahead."


After she heard this, Yami teleported to the top of the tallest tree she could see; and saw that what Hiryu said was true, it was just a few metres ahead!

She then asked:

"By the way, how do you know about the route and how long it takes to get to each clan?"

"Well, cause I'm the junior messenger at the Biku Clan."

"Oh, so you visit the other clans and deliver messages to them."

"Well, not only messages but also packages and such."

"Oh... So if you were going to a faraway clan like the Kori Clan, would you walk all the way there?"

"No! That's impossible! I can't carry enough food for that long a journey, and even if I could it wouldn't make a difference, since I would have gotten killed by the deadly monsters on my way there."

"Oh... So what do you do when you have to go to a clan that far?"

"I jump on my dragon, Kuroryu and fly there."

"Wait! You have a dragon!?"

"Yeah, I had him ever since I was 10."

"Really!? So why didn't you fly to Sariku?"

"Ah... because he got injured a few days ago."

"Huh? How?"

"When we were returning to the Biku Clan from our journey to the Chikyu Clan, we were attacked by a hostile orc, and in the fight, Kuroryu protected me from getting hit and got his wing badly injured."

"Oh... Sorry to hear."

"No need to apologize, he's safe and is being healed to full health as we speak."

"That's good... So what kind of dragon is he?"

"He's a Nightmare-Dragon."

"What!? That's the extremely rare Jet-Black dragon species that breathes blue-flames!"

"Yeah, I got him from my best friend who lives in the Gouka Clan; he's a royal clan member so he has a lot of benefits; but he gave me because it was my birthday and he knew I wanted a dragon, so he asked his father to get me one 2 years ago."

"Wow really!?"

As they conversed, Yami suddenly sensed something! But what Yami sensed wasn't a mere human, but a wolf consumed in flames, hidden in the forest a few metres ahead of them!

"The hell is that!?"


As soon as he said this, he started looking around; and soon saw what stood at the end of the pathway... The Hi Ookami... The protector of the Hi Dokutsu!

"Damn! That's the Hi Ookami, he won't let us pass unless we defeat him."

Suddenly a distorted voice sounded in their ears:

"Get the hell away from my cave and go back to whatever hole you crawled out of!"

Angered, Yami shouted:

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