Chapter 2: The Discovery

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~6 Years Later~

Yami was now 6 years old and was fitting in quite well in Sariku, even though she had a slightly introverted personality and preferred to stay by herself at times; she had a few friends but was a rather happy child. That is... until this strange phenomena happened!

"Umm... Auntie, W-W-What H-H-Happened to my C-C-Clan and my P-P-Parents?"

As she heard Yami speak, she realized that she was stuttering, but was astonished by the fact that her feet were engulfed in flames and she was burning the ground! She then figured out why it was happening, it was because Yami was struggling to say what she wanted; and after observing the situation, she called Kazuto to see what he could do.

"Kazuto! Come quick, Yami's burning the ground!"

Once he heard Sachi's weird statement, he ran to where she was and soon realized what she meant.

"How did this happen... What was she doing?"

"It's because she was stuttering, I think whenever she's frustrated this might happen."

"Oh... So her abilities unveil itself when she's frustrated, I guess it's time..."

"Yes, you might be right Kazuto... But she's still burning the ground!"

With a nervous chuckle, he responded:

"Oh yeah... lemme calm her down."

Once Yami was calm, he told her what happened to her clan and her parents.

"The answers to your questions are... As we told you before, your father and mother were Kuro and Raiko Shinigami, they were the leaders of the Shinigami Clan; the strongest clan in Jiyousuu. But because the leaders of the Uin'nasoseji Clan, Tora and Rin became power-hungry and wanted the Shinigami Clan's powers, to make themselves more powerful. They devised a plan and wiped out the Shinigami Clan after a long and heated series of battles!"

After Yami heard this, she began to cry but slowly spoke.

"So... H-How did I-I-I get here?"

"Your father sent you to us, to raise as our child, until it was time for you to go on your journey."

"On my J-J-Journey?"

"Yes, the plan your parents agreed on... If they were to die in battle; they would send you to us, to raise as a normal child, until your abilities unveiled themselves... Then I would start your training immediately, so you would be well equipped to go and defeat the man who killed them... Tora Uin'nasoseji!"

After hearing this heart-wrenching story, she gasped and started to cry even more, but then Kazuto continued.

"I know it's hard... So I'll give you the final say, so whenever you're ready to start your training, just let me know..."

After this was said, he went over and embraced her.

But as he was doing this, she said:

"I want to start now!"

Shook by her reply, he asked if she was sure, and she responded with an even stronger "Yes". As he looked at her, he saw the same fiery glow and conviction his younger brother had when he was her age; and from that alone, he knew she would be the saviour they needed... And although it would be a difficult and risky task, he knew that's what his younger brother, Kuro, would have wanted.

* * *

As the days flew by, Kazuto slowly taught her the ropes of becoming a skilled swordswoman, by first equipping her with a light broomstick and showing her various techniques, to begin with. This was the best type of training, because she was too young to do any vigorous exercises and she could practice her technique.

So he gave her a task, to practice her technique each and every day, until her body was able to do more vigorous exercises; and Sachi also taught her something... That was, how to alleviate the stuttering, she told Yami to read documents aloud with pebbles in her mouth, in an enclosed area, each and every day until the stuttering diminished.

After establishing this, Kazuto devised a plan on how Yami would approach her journey. This was made in such a way; that she would go to the Gouka Clan first to learn how to battle her enemies with the power of fire, then she would go to the Biku Clan to learn how to attribute her weapon with fire. Then she would venture to the Ora Clan where she would learn to control the energy around her and advance her body in terms of being able to do more damage physically with and without a weapon, then she would go to the Sukai Clan where she would learn to use her fire abilities to propel herself into the sky; inducing flight.

After which she would go to the Yoma Clan where she would learn to control her ghost abilities and advance her techniques which she learnt from the previous clans, then she would go to the Chi Clan where she would learn to use her blood offensively. Afterwards, she would go to the Kori Clan and learn to use her ghost affinity to create and use freezing attacks, then lastly she would go to the Chikyu Clan where she would learn to control the earth around her; thus making her more defensive.

After going to all the clans in this order, she would have attained the teleportation ability and he would want her to teleport to Sariku to get some final training before going to defeat Tora. And after the training is complete, she would finally have the power needed to defeat the tyrannical Tora Uin'nasoseji! 

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