Chapter 15: The Electric Inferno!

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~The Next Day~

After they got up and ate breakfast, they went to the throne room; once Kaen saw them he said:

"Ah... You're here, I trust you had breakfast; since this will exhaust your energy."

"Yeah, and I'm ready to learn how to use my fire powers now."

"Excellent, but first I have to explain it to you."

"Huh? If you mean the story of how the Gouka Clan was made, then I already know."

"No not that story, what I'm going to tell you is a run-down of how clan abilities work."

"Oh okay."

"It's like this; all clan members have something called Shisei (Death-Life).  This is the energy used to activate and control our powers; but it has a condition of course, if we over-extend ourselves by using our abilities recklessly and we use up all our Shisei... We'll start to use our life-force to do attacks..."

"So what does that mean exactly?"

"That means... If we over extend ourselves or use a Z-rank ability it would do what is expected of a Z-rank ability... Which is to put us to sleep! In a coma to be precise, but this coma can last a few days to months!"


"...And when we finally awake from our slumber... Our abilities would be crippled until our Shisei reserves are restored."

"Oh... I think I understand... But I have a question though."

"What is it?"

"How do the ranking of abilities go, and what are their side-effects?"

"Well... They range from C to Z in this order."

As he thought, he tilted his eyes to the top right of his head, and continued:

"C-rank abilities are the weakest and as a result can be used by all members of that clan without a problem; they also have the least drain on Shisei and can be used in quick succession with little consequence."

Kasai then said:

"Yeah! An example of a C-rank ability is any technique using fire alone, like this for example."

He then lifted his arms which were engulfed in flames; while his father continued:

"Precisely! Now unto B-rank abilities; these are abilities that require the person to be naturally gifted or train actively to use. So naturally, it drains more Shisei than C rank abilities."

"Yeah... An example of a B-rank ability is any technique that uses electricity alone, like this for example."

He then charged his right index and middle-fingers, aimed at his father... Then send a bolt of electricity his way!

As it closed in, Kaen redirected his blast and sent it back to Kasai; which absorbed it and used it as a way to regain his Shisei! After doing this, Kaen said:

"Alright and now for A-rank abilities; this is the peak for low-ranking clan members, as you need to train extensively to use them... They also cause noticeable drain on Shisei."

Kasai then responded:

"Yeah... Even I have trouble with these abilities since I'm still young, so this'll be the last thing I show you... But A-rank techniques are a mixture of both fire and electricity abilities in our clan."

After he said this, Kasai lifted his right arm and a ball of fire appeared, and within 3 seconds a coat of electricity surrounded the ball; which caused a terrifying sound to resound in their ear. And before long the electricity was out of control and splashed in every direction, So he quickly dispelled it!

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