Chapter 4: The Crimson-Berserker!

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~The Next Day~

When Yami finally awoke, she realized that the visitors were gone, so she went downstairs and asked Kazuto what had happened.

"Uh... Uncle what happened yesterday, and how did I get in bed?"

With a sigh he said:

"Oh... Because you were stuttering, you set your hand ablaze and after I finally calmed you down; you fainted... so I carried you to your room. But when I returned, they were gone."

"Oh... Sorry about that, I guess I get really frustrated when I stutter in-front of people."

"No need to apologize, it happens to the best of us. Anyway, I wanted to ask you something."


"How would you like to spar that kid from yesterday, Sora."

"What!? I'm not ready to spar anyone yet! And especially not him, since he's a prodigy from his clan!"

"Oh... Well, I wanted to see how well you would do against a seasoned warrior, it wouldn't hurt if you sparred him though, since he knows you haven't fought anyone before; and he certainly won't boast if he wins... Since he likes you."

"What!? He doesn't like me!"

"Stop lying to yourself Yami; I know you know he likes you, I saw the way both of you looked at each other yesterday."

While blushing, she hastily tried to change the subject.

"ANYWAY! Let's get back to the actual topic; I'm down for the fight!"

'Excellent, the bait worked!'

"Awesome, I'll call him and tell him to meet us at the dojo."

After confirming the details with Sora, he energetically said 'YES!' to the battle and that he would be at the dojo in 30 minutes. After she heard 30 minutes, Yami wondered how he would get there in such a small amount of time, since it took her 2 hours via the bus to get to his side of town; she then remembered what he did yesterday... That he had supersonic speed! So she quickly disregarded what she had thought. got ready, then went to the dojo with Kazuto.

Once they arrived, they were surprised to see him there waiting, since they had left 10 minutes earlier than scheduled to give Yami some time to get ready for the battle.

After they greeted each other, they went into the dojo and equipped their protective gear.

Then the rules were set; that they would only aim for the mid-section and that they shouldn't use any special abilities (which was established just for Sora). After which, the battle commenced with Kazuto blowing a whistle!

Yami quickly accelerated and went in for a horizontal slash, but almost instantly Sora parried it and threw her to the ground. After she saw her attack fail, she kip-upped and in her next attempt, she clenched unto her katana and ran with even more power; and once close enough she started brandishing it. But each time she swung her katana; Sora dodged her attack and threw her to the ground.

This went on for roughly 5 minutes, with Yami not giving up, but instead coming back stronger each time she fell... And after going through what seemed like a ritual, she became furious and suddenly a flaming dagger started to form in her left hand! And with a fiery glow in her eyes, she ran at him one last time, but this time with such immense speed that it looked like she was teleporting!

And because Sora's supersonic senses couldn't predict her attack, he went full defensive to counter her; and once she was at arms-length, she did a diagonal slash. But instantly Sora dodged it with his supersonic speed, as he knew he would have been beheaded!

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