Chapter 1: The Mystery Child

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~Later That Night~

Sachi awoke by the sounds of a crying baby, she then woke Kazuto as she heard it from downstairs in their living room! To their astonishment, it was an actual baby, a new-born girl with Crimson-red hair and Sky-blue eyes! As they pondered upon how this could have happened, Kazuto suddenly remembered that Kuro had told him about the recent attacks his clan was getting. And that if the clan was under extreme circumstances, he would send his new-born daughter to them.

After remembering this, he started looking through the blanket the child was found in and found a note addressed to him. This informed him that his recent conclusion was correct, and that the Shinigami Clan was mostly wiped out. Once he finished reading it, he informed Sachi about what was written. But without even letting Kazuto muster up the courage to ask her if they could keep the child, Sachi immediately said:

"We have to let her stay here!"

With a surprised look on his face, Kazuto responded.

"Oh... I was just about to ask if we could keep her."

After she heard this, Sachi felt a great warmth surround her heart and she whispered to herself.

'Now we can finally fill that void of not being able to have children...'

Luckily for Kazuto and Sachi, there was someone in their secluded part of town who recently had a miscarriage, but was willing to breastfeed Yami. And after assuming the mother and father roles of this child, Yami Shinigami; they tried their very best to raise her in the best way they could.

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