Chapter 8: The Tournaments!

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~2 Days Later~

It was Friday, the day of Yami's first tournament; so she got up early and prepared both physically and mentally. After which, Kazuto came up to her room and said:

"Yami, I almost forgot to tell you something about the tournaments."

She replied:

"Huh? What is it?"

"Whenever you're in a fight try not to lose control; cause if you do and you seriously injure your opponent when they had already given up... That WILL cost you the match!"

"Oh... But I can teleport in these fights, right?"

"No, not at this stage, if you were in a clan tournament or the teenage tournaments; then you would be advised to use your abilities, but since this is a normal tournament, you can't."


"One more thing Yami... There's always a way to defeat someone; even if it seems impossible... You just need to find it!"

"I'll make sure I remember that!"

* * *

After their conversation, they had breakfast, then went to the town dojo. Once they arrived; Yami looked around and saw all the other contenders in the tournament, most were normal citizens; except one... her name was Kurami Hebi, she was from the Hebi Clan in Tsutani. She had waist-length jet-black hair and hazel eyes with protruding fangs, and looked as if she would become a seductress in the future.

Soon she sensed Yami's stare and said:

"Hey you!"

Startled, Yami responded:


"Why are you staring at me!?"

"Oh... Because you're a part of a clan."


"I wanted to know what abilities your clan has."

"So... You'd figure that out by staring at me?"

Conflicted, Yami said:


With a sigh, Kurami continued:

"Whatever... Anyway, I'm Kurami Hebi, from the Hebi Clan in Tsutani; and my clan has one ability. It's the ability to transform into any reptile."

"Oh cool!"

"Yeah... Anyway who are you?"

"I'm Yami Shinigami, from the Shinigami Cl--"

"Wait! You're a Shinigami!? I thought all the members died in an attack!"

"Yeah... all of them died except me, becau--"

"Kurami! This is not the time for talking, get ready for the tournament!"

Once she heard this, she let out a huge sigh and did what her father said.

But as soon as she left, Sora ran into the dojo and spotted Yami.


Startled, she turned around and saw him;

"Huh!? Oh hey Sora."

"You ready for your first tournament?"


While smiling, he continued:

"Okay good! I'll be at the front row watching you, so make sure you beat everybody!"

"Don't worry, that's the plan!"

As soon as they finished talking, Satobi came and told Sora to leave Yami and allow her to prepare for the tournament; after a delay, he reluctantly did what he was told.

She then went to the back of the dojo and started meditating. But as soon as she was about to learn something new about her abilities, she was called out of meditation, because the tournament was about to begin.

The first fight was between her and Emiko, a pink-haired girl from the north side of Sariku.

Once the battle began, Emiko sprinted towards Yami at an extreme speed and delivered a 3 hit combo to her midsection! But before she could continue her combo, Yami dropped to the floor and did a low sweep and Emiko to fell to the ground!

Directly after doing this, Yami backflipped to regain distance, and as soon as Emiko rose to her feet, she sprinted towards her and officially started the battle!

Once Emiko was a few metres away, Yami drew for her katana and did a few horizontal slashes, but to her surprise, Emiko dodged them all and countered with a 5 hit combo! But as soon as she was done, she realized that Yami wasn't in front of her anymore. And as she tried to turn around, Yami delivered 5 backslashes; and with that, it was over!

The next fight came from a slender, brown-haired girl from the west side of Sariku, named Ayame.

Once this battle began, she ran at Yami and did a diagonal slash, but almost instantly, Yami countered it with her own diagonal slash, which Ayame dodged. After a stalemate occurred, Ayame decided to go in from a different angle, but as soon as she got close enough and did a horizontal attack, she missed and Yami seized that opportunity and delivered 5 slashes to her back and it was over!

The next fight was the final round, it was against Kurami; who had watched all her battles up until now, and knew that she was a slippery person and could suddenly appear behind someone without warning. So she got herself ready and with the blowing of a whistle, the round started.

As soon as the whistle resounded in Yami's ear, she rushed in and delivered a variety of mid-section blows. But to her surprise, Kurami dodged them all and was behind her; and before she would react, she was slashed 3 times!


After letting out a harsh scream, she retreated for a moment, then sprinted even faster; but again Kurami appeared behind her and delivered another wave of attacks!

So she retreated once again, but this time she didn't move at all; instead she waited for Kurami to attack first, and once she charged in... Yami jumped over her head and charged at her from behind, delivered an array of slashes to her backside, and then slammed her on the ground!

And with that, Kurami was unable to move and Yami was the victor! After being declared the tournament's champion, Yami received her prize, the map of Jiyousuu.

And from that day onwards, she trained harder than ever before, and participated in every seasonal tournament held. And soon became known all over Sariku, as the girl with Crimson-red hair and a fiery personality; also known as the Crimson Berserker.

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