Chapter 3: Sora Tori

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~2 Years Later~

Yami's body was now able to endure more rigorous training, so Kazuto started incorporating different exercises into her routine, these included: Push-Ups, Squats, Jump-Ropes, Sit-Ups and Jogging.

Slowly, she began to gain muscle mass; so Kazuto decided to give her a bulky sword to practice her technique. At first, the sword was too heavy for her to even lift; but eventually she learned to manage it and soon she was quite fast with it.

As the months passed, Yami also became a young beauty, became more talkative and went out with her friends more often. On this occasion, they went to the far side of town, where a new family moved in. And while they walked past their home, she noticed a Sky-blue coloured hair and yellow-green eyed boy. Instantly, he sensed her stare and abruptly turned around and said:

"Hello, my name is Sora Tori; my family and I just moved in."

Timidly she said:

"Oh H-H-Hello, I'm Y-Yami Shinigami."

Once her friends saw this, they abruptly spoke to get the attention away from her, as they knew if she noticed she was stuttering, even a little, she would freak out.

"Uh... We're gonna check out a new diner, it's around this part of town, you wanna come?"

They asked this rhetorical question, since they knew he just moved and wouldn't be able to go with them.

"Aww... I wish I could, but since I just moved here; I gotta pack up my stuff before I can go anywhere..."

"Aww... Maybe next time then."

After hearing this, he put up a fake smile and reluctantly waved his hands goodbye as the girls left. Once out of sight, he let out a huge sigh and whispered to himself.

'I wonder who that 'Yami' girl is... She's kinda cute, I hope I see her again...'

* * *

After Yami and her friends went to the diner, she returned home; but as soon as she was about to open the door, the calm voice from earlier resounded. It was the voice of the Sky-blue coloured hair boy, Sora! After realizing this, she slowly opened the door.

"Oh hey Yami, so this is where you live."

"W-WHAT are you D-DOING here!?"

But before Sora could answer, Kazuto interrupted them and said:

"Seems like you guys already met, but he's a prodigy swordsman from the Tori Clan, one of the strongest clans in Tsutani. His family came to Jiyousuu due to the increasing violence in Tsutani; and because he wanted to train with me. So I guess he'll be your sparring partner from now on."

"Huh? Tori Clan! If you're in a clan... Then that means you have special abilities!"

"Well yeah, I got some powers... Want me to show---"


As he heard her hasty response, he knew she really wanted to see his abilities, but as soon as he was about to respond; Kazuto beat him to it.

"At least welcome your guests before you go..."

"Oh yeah..."

Once she was done, they went outside and she said:

"Show me all your abilities, and tell me what they are!"

Without a hint of hesitation he did.

"Okay, this is my first ability, with this, I basically have the power to use water for offence or defence."

He then opened a bottle of water, then manipulated it and formed a small dagger, then used his ice affinity to freeze it!

"WOW! Do you have any others?"

With a smirk, he said:

"Yeah one more, but this is gonna blow your mind. So brace yourself!"

"Pssh! Nothing can blow my mind!"

"We'll see about that!"

After saying this, he braced himself then sprinted at supersonic speed; but that wasn't the end of it, as he ran in circles a small vortex formed! As she observed this, Yami was dumbfounded, but she then realized that he ran so fast in the vortex that he attained the power of flight! At seeing such majestic abilities, Yami's mouth was agape and she couldn't speak.

After realizing what had happened to Yami, he quickly took her inside, as it was getting dark, and in Tsutani it wasn't uncommon for someone to get kidnapped in-front of their own home at night!

After which, she slowly regained consciousness.

"So S-SORA, how did you L-L-LEARN to do all of that?"

He quickly responded.

"My clan, where else? Haha."

Immediately, Yami's face went downcast.

"What's wrong?"

After a moment of silence, she responded.

"Well... I'm a part of a clan, but I can't learn any of my clan's abilities..."

Astonished by what she said, he asked:

"Huh! How come?"

"I'm the remnant of my clan... So there's no one who can teach me them."

As he heard this, the old story he thought was a tale in Tsutani came back to him; where a clan in Jiyousuu was slaughtered.

"Wait... You're a part of the Shinigami Clan aren't you!?"

She then started to weep and said:

"Y-YES... My C-Clan was D-DESTROYED and I-I-I couldn't even learn any abilities before it H-H-HAPPENED."

"Oh... I'm really sorry."

"No... It's O-OKAY, it's not your F-FAULT."

As he heard her talk, he became more and more intrigued, so he asked:

"Uh... Sorry to ask but... Why do you often repeat what you're saying?"


Hearing her struggle even more made him feel remorseful for bringing it up, but before he could say sorry; something spectacular occurred. As he bent his head downwards, he saw her hands... They were engulfed in flames! But before he could react, a demented voice came in his head and chanted:


"Some... Somebody help me!"

Immediately, Kazuto teleported to Sora and realized what had happened, so he calmed Yami down. But directly after she was calm, she realized what she had done and after feeling a great deal of regret, she fainted! After seeing such strange occurrences, the Tori family decided it was time to leave, and left hurriedly. 

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