Chapter 7: Teleportation!

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~The Next Day~

Kazuto asked Yami to meet him on their front lawn, and as soon as she arrived...

"Okay Yami, today I'm gonna teach you how to teleport without using too much energy."

"Oh cool!"

"But first, I need to know what you do when you want to teleport."

"Well... When I'm trying to teleport; I close my eyes and pinpoint where I wanna go in my brain; and when I open my eyes, I'm there."

"Oh! You're actually doing it the right way, so what I think you need to do is meditate."

"Huh, why?"

"Well... Meditation is good for everyone in general, but it teaches you things I can't physically teach you, and it also helps create a bond between you and your reaper."

Looking as if she grasped what he said completely, she shook her head in agreement and prepared herself.

* * *

After listening to Kazuto's words of advice, she meditated for 2 hours! During this meditation period, she learnt that there was an alternate-dimension that she could access; and that she could teleport herself and things into that dimension.

Then she thought of an idea... It was; rather than carrying around heavy equipment when on her journey, she could just teleport them into that dimension and when she needs them, she could transport them back.

She also learnt that if she meditated daily, she would be able to understand her ghost abilities more, thus being able to use them more freely.

Once she came back from meditating, she saw Kazuto, so she asked him:

"Uh... Uncle, how do I go to the alternate-dimension?"

Puzzled and astonished by her question, he said:

"Huh? You know about limbo already!? I first learnt about it when I was 12; 6 months after I started meditating religiously! But for Yoma Clan members, we normally learn to access that dimension once we meditate more often."

"Huh? Limbo?"

"Yeah, that's the real name of the alternate dimension."

He then continued:

"I'm sorry Yami but I can't explain anything else to you... You'll learn more once you start meditating regularly; and if you're confused your Reaper is supposed to help you understand, I might be giving you misinformation because I'm from another clan. So for now I'll leave you with this..."

He continued:

"The answers will come to you when you need them the most."

Dissatisfied by Kazuto's response, she said:

"Ugh... But I don't even know how to talk to my reaper!"

"As I said Yami, you'll unlock it when you need it the most..."

He continued:

"Anyway, back to teleportation; the next step to mastering it is constant practice. So we're going to teleport to different locations; some near and some far. So get ready!"

Once he explained the aim of the game, which was to teleport to each of her friend's house. He started teleporting to the houses, but after their 3rd attempt; Yami was completely drained!

"I can't teleport anymore!"

With a smile, he said:

"That's the plan."

He continued:

"I'm giving you a real-world example of what would happen if you consecutively teleport; it can take a huge toll on your body if you don't meditate enough to reduce the energy costs... That's why you can't move at the moment, cause energy controls your bodily functions as well, so without energy, you'll be a sitting potato."

He took a breath and continued:

"But if for some strange reason you decided to teleport again even though you had this little energy left; you would fall unconscious and be stuck in your mind until you regain energy! And that could range from taking hours to even days if your reaper doesn't approve; as they are the gatekeepers in that realm."

"So to counter that, you need to always have a battle strategy, and know when and where to teleport; to make the ability useful."

After he explained this, he transported them home since it was time for lunch. But once they arrived, Yami fell asleep because her energy was draining quickly and she was too tired to eat; so Kazuto carried her into her room and Sachi saved her lunch for when she awoke.

* * *

After she awoke, she ate lunch; but she wanted to learn more about her newfound ability. So she decided to meditate for the rest of the day; and while doing this, she learnt that she could send others into limbo!

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