Chapter 5: The Confession

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~The Next Day~

Kazuto asked Yami if she wanted to participate in the upcoming Winter Tournament; and after he heard her energetic 'YES!' He went to the Town-Dojo to get information about the Seasonal Tournaments. The one that seemed most suited for Yami's explosive style of fighting was the Featherweight Survival Tournament; where the contenders wore Short-Sleeved Kimonos and went at each other with all their might until their opponent was unable to fight!

After she was enrolled into this tournament, he returned to inform her; but Sachi then told him that Yami wasn't home, but instead at the Tori's, training with Sora.

So Kazuto teleported to their home to find her, but once he arrived he was shocked to see they had a clan emblem on their door (鳥) already and they just moved in 2 days ago! After bypassing this, he knocked on the door to see if Yami was still there. Then appeared Satobi Tori, Sora's father; and after they greeted each other, Kazuto asked Satobi:

"...Satobi, is Yami by chance in your dojo?"

"Yeah, Sora's teaching her some swordsmanship techniques."

"Ah okay, can you take me to the dojo, I need to speak to her."

"Sure, right this way."

After they finished their light conversation, Satobi took Kazuto to the dojo; but had to leave directly after, because he had a meeting to attend.

While Kazuto was tardily approaching the door, he looked around and observed the scenery at the Tori's backyard; it was simply mesmerizing! They had a diverse array of flowers, trees and birds; ranging from Blue-Alstroemerias to Mango Trees to Doves.

After he was finished observing what seemed like a magical garden, he went inside the dojo; where he overheard Yami and Sora talking.

"So what do you plan to do when you grow up Yami?"

"Hmm... My life is basically planned out already."

"What!? You said you were 8 right? How can your whole life be planned out already!?"

"No, I don't mean it like that."

"So what do you mean?"

"Uh... I guess I'm gonna have to tell you the story."

"The story?"

"...As you know, my clan was wiped out by the Uin'nasoseji Clan... But before my parents died, they sent me to my Aunt and Uncle; with a note."

"Oh... What did it say!?"

"I'm not 100% sure, but my uncle gave me a summary..."

She took a breath, then continued:

"It said... If I've been teleported to them; then it must've been because my parents died. So to avenge them; I must go to the 8 remaining clans and learn techniques from them all. Then I'd have the power needed to kill the man who killed them... Tora Uin'nasoseji!

"WHAT!? You're far too young to have such a dangerous duty, and even if you were to do it in a reasonable time span, and let's theoretically say you're 18 when you fight him; he would be light-years ahead of you by then and you wouldn't be able to even touch him!"

A familiar voice then said:

"Not really."

But because they didn't know he was in the dojo, they were frightened; but before they could utter a word, he continued:

"Remember, Yami is my niece and I'm no push-over and neither is she. Even you know this Sora, because if I didn't transport you away yesterday; you would have surely died!"

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