Chapter 10: Farewell

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~2 Months Later~

Yami's conscience was now clear and her body returned to its normal state, the only scar that remained was a jagged line on the back of her neck; where the necklace was drag from.

But today was a special day as it was Yami's final day at Sariku, so to commemorate this milestone, she decided to join the 12 – 15-year-old Tournament Kazuto told her about 4 years prior.

This time the reward was a PLATINUM KATANA! Which was what Yami wanted ever since she went to the weapon shop a year ago; so it would be the best farewell gift she could get, as it was also extremely expensive... So for this tournament, she vowed to do her absolute best and show no mercy!

When she was ready, she went downstairs, but to her surprise, neither Sachi nor Kazuto was in the living room. So she walked around until she heard them talking on the front porch;

"Wow... I can't believe it's really time to let my little Yami go..."

Kazuto replied:

"Yeah... I really wish she didn't have to go, and that we could spend some more time with her... But we gotta do what Kuro asked..."

With a sigh he continued:

"It really feels like just yesterday she was sent to us to raise as our daughter..."

Sachi then replied:

"But it's really been 12 years!"

Kazuto then said:

"I'm really gonna miss her little fiery personality, the intelligent mind she has, and this unreal will to carry out her dad's wishes... Our little Shinigami... Yami..."

"...Yeah... Our daughter... Y-Yami..."

As she said this, tears started forming around Sachi's eyes; but before they fell to the ground; Yami teleported into her lap and said with a smile:

"Don't worry auntie and uncle, whenever I'm done I'll make sure to visit!"

Once they heard this, the mood suddenly switched from gloomy to joyful. So they went inside, ate their last breakfast together, and reminisced on all the past meals and experiences they had.

* * *

Yami teleported to the town dojo to get ready for her last tournament; but once she arrived, she was shocked to see all the contenders she fought from her first tournament were there!

As she looked around, she noticed that that Kurami Hebi from 4 years ago looked even more seductive, and even had an entourage of boys following her every move. As soon as she saw Kurami, she sensed her stare and said:

"I see you're still staring at me..."

"Hehe, sorry about that."

With a smirk she said:

"That's what you always say... Anyway, how's the Shinigami Princess?"

"I'm great actually, learnt a lot of stuff since our last fight 4 years ago!"

"Likewise... But this time I won't lose; so don't get upset if I finish you off too quickly!"

"Heh! We'll see about that!"

After their conversation ended, Kazuto told Yami that it was time to get ready for the tournament, so she went to the back of the dojo and started her preparation. She did this by transporting her katana into Limbo and getting prepared mentally as well as physically.

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