Chapter 11: Hiryu Biku!

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Directly after she went through the gate, a shady figure came rushing towards her; immediately, she materialized and clenched unto her katana then charged straight at it!

But as soon as the figure saw her and started slowing down, she teleported behind it, grabbed its arm and threw it to the ground! After she did this, she realized that the figure wasn't a monster, but instead an Emerald-green haired boy with Jade eyes.

So she held out her hand, pulled him back up, and said:

"Uh... Sorry about that..."

He then said:

"What was that for!? For a pretty girl, you sure are strong!"

"HUH!? Who are you and what are you doing here!?"

"I'm Hiryu Biku, the son of the Commander of the Biku Clan."

"You're from the Biku clan?"

"Yeah, I came here on a special mission."

"Special mission?"

"Yeah, to find the remnant of the Shinigami clan... Her name is supposed to be Yami Shinigami; she should have Crimson-red hair, Sky-blue eyes, and a slender figure..."

He continued:

"Come to think of it... that looks a lot like you!"

Astonished, Yami responded:

"Why're you looking for me!?"

"So it is you! Well... Because the Oracle of my clan told me a few days ago, that I was supposed to come to Sariku before you left for your journey, and convince you to let me accompany you..."

He stopped, then said convincingly:

"Because it's my destiny to help you on your quest!"

Puzzled, Yami responded:

"Destiny? I only just met you, I think that 'Oracle' thing you're talking about is wrong."

He then grasped her hand and said:

"No Yami! This Oracle isn't a stupid fortune teller, it only tells the truth, and whatever it says we must follow... Or we would be abandoning our destiny... Our fate! So whether you like it or not, I have to accompany you!"

"Let me go!"

After getting out of his grasps, she said:

"Believe what you want, but if you ever start following me around..."

She then teleported behind him, held him in a headlock and said villainously:

"I WILL kill you!"

After saying this, she let him go and continued walking, ignoring what he had said; but before she got 10 metres away, he shouted:

"I didn't think the Oracle was gonna be so right about you, but you really are stubborn... So I guess I have to do this!"

Confused by his statement she turned around, but before she could say anything, he continued:

"The Oracle told me that you were extremely opinionated and wouldn't listen to me unless I proved myself... So I guess that's what I have to do... I challenge you to a duel, the first one seriously injured loses; if I win you have to let me come with you, but if I lose I'll have to leave you alone!"

With a smirk she said:

"Hehe... Let's do this! I wanted to see how strong Biku were anyway."

'All I need to do is finish him off quickly and I can continue my journey.'

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