Prologue: The Uin'nasoseji Invasion!

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In the continent Tsumaki, there was a country called Jiyousuu; where there were 10 clans, each with their own unique abilities. These clans were the:
Shinigami, Gouka, Biku, Ora, Sukai, Yoma, Chi, Kori, Chikyu & Uin'nasoseji!

While most clan members adored their abilities, since they knew they were the few that had the privilege of even being in a clan; there were still some ungrateful ones who didn't appreciate their powers and wanted more power for their personal greed... And due to there being an ancient Oracle, which stated it was possible to gain another clan's abilities; by successfully killing the leader of that clan, many of these ungrateful members started attacking other clans!

Soon... Tora, the leader of the Uin'nasoseji Clan, wanted more power to gain sole control over Jiyousuu! And as time passed, he devised a fool-proof plan to raid the Shinigami Clan.

The Shinigami Clan was the strongest, even though it had the least amount of members (25), due to it being only 10 years old. While on the contrary, the Uin'nasoseji Clan was the second strongest and had 75 members, due to it being around for close to 30 years!

On that fateful night, Tora rallied up 50 of the strongest members of his clan and they travelled north, since the Shinigami Clan was directly north of them. But to their surprise, as soon as they entered the Shinigami Clan's courtyard, a huge alarm sounded! And 22 members of the Shinigami Clan simultaneously appeared.

While this occurred, Kuro and Raiko; the leaders of the Shinigami Clan, successfully executed their emergency escape plan for their new-born daughter Yami. They prepared the note they had written prior to these course of events as they were suspicious of Tora; then wrapped Yami in a blanket with the note packed inside and teleported her to Kuro's eldest brother and his wife, Kazuto & Sachi. After completing this, the pair quickly teleported to the battlefield to counter their invaders.

Once on the battlefield, they immediately located Tora and his wife (Rin), in the act of beheading their two apprentices, but before they could finish, Kuro teleported them to the highest point in the courtyard. And directly after doing this, Tora realized their presence and uttered.

"Ah... So it seems you were prepared for our raid... Well, nevertheless you already know why we're here! So don't try to resist, it's futile due to your low clan number."

Once Raiko heard this, she was enraged and her Crimson-red hair began levitating.

"Don't think your piece of trash clan can ever defeat us! Even though we are low on numbers, we're light-years ahead of you in skill!"

With a smirk, Rin responded:

"Oh, we know... We recall our last battle where we had a lot of casualties... But due to us unlocking our new power, we've grown in unbelievable ways!"

After listening to the comments blown back and forth, Kuro finally spoke.

"Heh, well don't think we don't have any new techniques of our own; I for one, have been saving this just for you!"

And instantly Kuro shouted 'Shinigami Henkan!' and his reaper form appeared!

Tora then mockingly said:

"Not that worthless skill again... Yeah, we know it gives you this almost impenetrable armour, but your fighting potential is significantly reduced."

"We're not finished yet!"

After saying this, Raiko shouted 'Raiki Manto!' and directly after, the pair looked at each other and fused into one entity. The 'Raiki Shinigami' this spectacle had Raiko's eye-grabbing long silky Crimson hair, with Kuro's dreamy Sky-blue eyes, with Reaper earrings in each ear.

Clad in a Midnight-black hood covered with Crimson-red streaks, slightly opened revealing only a small section of their chest and stomach. This transformation had the impenetrable death cloak, along with immense dexterity and speed which came from their katana engulfed in electricity and flames located in their right hand.

Dumbfounded by the spectacle, Tora and Rin hastily did their own fusion technique, the 'Chimamire no Uin'nasoseji'. This was a direct copy of the Raiki Shinigami; as it had Rin's Ice-blue hair, Tora's hazel eyes, ghost earrings in each ear. And was clad in a ghostly grey suit covered with Ice-blue streaks; this transformation also had active intangibility that came from the ghost sword in their right hand which was enhanced with the ice and psionic attribute!

After this was done, both leaders ran at each other to officially commence the battle!

Kuro teleported to Tora and slashed him with his engulfed katana, and with immense force, Tora flew and broke the courtyard's eastern wall. After which, he got up and shouted to the heavens 'Yurei Kagami' wherein 9 psionic clones of himself appeared from the earth and ambushed Kuro 10 vs 1!

But to his astonishment, Kuro created his own version of this technique and summoned 9 engulfed versions of himself to deal with Tora's clones. After realizing this, Tora ran to Kuro with monstrous speed and both exchanged blows!

As the fight continued, with each attack being parried and simultaneously countered with an even stronger attack. Kuro teleported to the highest point of the courtyard and swiftly activated a new technique he developed, the 'Kami Shinigami' wherein, he became completely intangible and obtained the clan's sacred weapon 'The Reaper Scythe!' Once he was through, he returned to Tora and continued his pursuit.

But as Tora realized what was going on, he swiftly activated the technique it was copied from the 'Kami Uin'nasoseji' wherein he became passively intangible, thus nullifying Kuro's effect.

Soon, Kuro's clones were all defeated as he was an amateur with clones while Tora was an expert, but what happened next left him shook. Tora's clones ran rampant and attacked the other Shinigami Clan members! And due to him being heavily bombarded by Tora, he couldn't save them; and the remaining Shinigami died in a quick blitz! As each had to deal with 2 elite Uin'nasoseji Clan members who summoned clones of their own to support them, but with the addition of a Tora clone, they were outclassed!

Once Kuro saw this, he knew he wouldn't survive the fight, and in his final moments, he activated his newest technique, a technique he developed in case a situation like this ever came about; wherein he unleashed his reaper sealed in his soul and sent it to Yami.

So in the future, he would be able to communicate with her, without physically being present. But due to this technique requiring a mass amount of energy, it devastated his reserves and his Shinigami Henkan wore off.

As soon as Tora saw this, he seized the opportunity without hesitation, and sent his katana straight through Kuro's stomach... and with that, Tora successfully killed the leaders of the Shinigami Clan!

After accomplishing this, Tora obtained the Shinigami Clan's powers of Pyrokinesis and the ability to control a reaper; thus making the Uin'nasoseji Clan the strongest clan in Jiyousuu, and him the strongest man.

After he returned to the Uin'nasoseji Clan, he proclaimed himself the ruler of Jiyousuu and broadcasted his victory... Then slowly began his conquest to control ALL OF JIYOUSUU!!!

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