Chapter 6: A New Power Unlocked!

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~The Next Day~

Kazuto told Yami that she was being entered into the Featherweight Battle Tournament, and that it would be held in 3 days, on Friday.

'I wonder if I really love Sora... that dream last night... It was so vivid, I thought it was real...'

'Nah I don't love him, I like him as a friend; and that's that, we are nothing more than friends!'

As she continued to lie to herself, time flew by and it was now 12 noon.
For the whole day, she was laying in bed, thinking about that dream; then suddenly Kazuto came up to her room.



"Let me tell you something about love."


'How did he know I was thinking about that!?'

"Love is a complicated emotion... It makes us feel this heartwarming feeling when we're around the person we admire, and it makes us do things we wouldn't normally do for anyone else. But if brought to the extreme... It could become lust, as we put them on a pedestal and give them rule over our lives and mind. In my opinion, I think one is sincere and innocent while the other is a selfish desire."

He continued:

"However, don't fluster yourself over trying to figure out if a person loves you or not; it will be painfully obvious if it's true, and even more so if you feel the same."

She slowly said:

"Oh... Okay..."

He responded:

"But anyway, don't stay in your room all day, go out and have some fun; Kora told me that you were gonna meet her at 10, so when you didn't show up, she came here looking for you."

"Oh, your right! I'll be out in 10 minutes!"

"By the way, Yami."


"Have fun while you can; cause once you leave Sariku, you won't be able to do as much as you can now, since you'll most likely be by yourself on your journey to each clan. And the world is a scary place; you might meet some dreadful creatures and people on your journey."

With a smile she responded:


Kora was Yami's best friend ever since they were 5, but due to her parents having a tough marriage; she was often sent back and forth between them. But now she lives with her grandmother and her younger brother, a few houses behind Yami.

After Yami was ready, she went downstairs and met up with Kora; and they caught up.

"I heard a new family moved in, at the far part of town."

"Yeah what about it?"

"I know you know what I'm getting at, so just spill it."

"Fine... Yeah, there's a new family that moved in; they're the Tori's."

"Hmm... I also heard they have a son, Sora's his name right?"

"Yeah, what about him?"

"I heard from our friends that he spoke to you, and both of you sparred yesterday."

"Well... yeah."

"I also hear that he's cute and has Sky-blue hair and Yellow-green eyes."

As soon as Kora said that, Yami started blushing and said:

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