Chapter 16: Kuro Hi

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* * *

"Welcome back Yami."

"Huh? Where am I?"

"Not this again... You're in your subconscious."

"Oh... Hey Kurai."

"Good, you didn't forget."

"Hehe, I wouldn't forget a name I created."

A smile then appeared on the Reaper's face, but before long, he went back to his serious expression and continued:

"You're probably wondering why I summoned you here."

"How'd you know?"

"Remember I'm your reaper, so I know everything your thinking."

"Oh yeah..."

"Anyway, I brought you here to get some extra training, since you won't be coming out of this unconscious state for at least 2 weeks."

"2 Weeks!? I don't have that much time to waste!"

"So you think learning about your clan and abilities is a waste of time? If that's what you think this is, I can just send you back to an unconscious state and you'll be there for 2 weeks doing absolutely nothing!"

"Sorry... I didn't mean it like that, I didn't know you were going to teach me anything."

"Hahaha... I'm just kidding."


"Anyway, let's get on with the explanation of your powers and how I can teach you them. Since I'm a Royal Full-Blooded Reaper, I have the unique technique called Ability Transcendence. This means that we can master and transcend the Gouka and Yoma Clan abilities, as well as use our Gouka and Yoma prowess to mimic the other clan powers, and even make our own techniques from them. An example of this is our Pyrokinesis; once you master it, it will naturally become a darker shade, you'll know that you've mastered it when the flame on that pillar is Royal-Blue. It's the same for electrokinesis, except the electricity will be Midnight-Purple instead."

After saying this, he pointed at the pillars at either side of him;

"Also you won't be needed that watch anymore since you can visit me here, so I will use it as an hourglass"

"So... What about the other clan abilities?"

"For that... An example would be the Chikyu; they can naturally move earth based items by push and pulling... But for us, we can use our telekinetic powers to move them with our mind... Essentially creating a 2nd rate version of the ability; but then we can use the other techniques we learnt to make it better. I can't tell you how, or what unique technique to make though, that's your job."


"Hehe, I know it's exciting; but the limitation is that I can't teach you something I haven't grasped. So for instance Electrokinesis, I can't teach you how to use or master it until you heard the theory and saw how it was done."

"Oh... So once I see it and hear the theory, you can teach me how to do it?"

"Precisely! And once you learn it, you can master it with a little more training."


"But the training isn't like the normal training you're used to; it's far more intense and complex."

"My forte!"

"We'll see... Anyway, from now on I'm gonna speak to you telepathically; since you'll be fighting."

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