Chapter 10

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6 years later

Times were tough ever since Emily died, her foal was small and looked to have not a single chance. A couple days after Emily died, Duchess had twins. They were both beautiful. A jet black filly was named Princess of the night and a albino colt who we named White Phantom. Princess looked just like her daddy, big and bold, but Phantom was weak. Their father was Celtic Phantom who headed for th eTriple Crown with high hope to win but was scratched because of breathing difficulties. We rested him and let him heal, then we sent him to the Belmont where he won by 20. Everyone thought he would have won the Triple Crown, but we will never know. 

Ellie and Eric ran around like hooligans.

"Calm yourselves." I say laughing then scoop them up into my arms. 

"When is daddy coming home?" Ellie says hanging out of my arm upside down.

I put them back down, "I don't know." I say puzzled. They looked disappointed but just went back to playing again. I sit back down and begin to watch TV-G as Duchess' first foal Knight Me My Lovely Duchess bursted out of the gate. To this day I regret selling him, he turned out to be a mighty fine colt.

In the last 6 years Duchess had 4 foals who had all had successful careers, lost one, and now just had twins. She was the top brood mare in the country and everyone was begging for her foals. 

Mike walks into the door, "I'm done feeding."

"Good," I say getting up, "How's Phantom?"

"Not good. He's getting weaker and weaker, but Princess is getting stronger and stronger." 

I look down. I knew this was going to happen. It was very rare for two twins to live, and it looked like Princess was the one who was going to make it.

I look back to Mikkie, "Can you watch them while I go out to the pasture?"

"Sure!" He says walking over to the kids. I grab a jacket and walk out of the house and towards Duchess' pasture. 

Princess was running around, bucking and kicking, but Duchess had her head lowered to Phantom's small body. I squeezed through the fence and walked over to Duchess and the foal. Duchess looked at me a nickered when I got close. I got on my knee and looked over the foal; he was long gone. To many deaths had happened in my live to the point, now, they didn't phase me. They hurt me a little but don't phase me. I stood and gave Duchess a big pat on the neck. She brought her head around and gave me a "hug". I rap my arms around her, "I'm sorry girl."

She nickers, an I let go of her. I head over towards the house and peak through the front door, "Mikkie?"

"Yes," He says running over to the door.

I lean into his ear, "I need you to bury Phantom," he grabs his chest, "We just can't tell Eric and Ellie."

He nods and runs out of the house. Eric and Ellie were playing playfully with each other. This made me smile.

"Just another day." I breath and slope down in my chair.

Sorry for the short chapter guys!!!! I will make them longer. I promise just school has got me all tied up at the moment....

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