Chapter 2

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"Calm her!" Amelia say bursting into the stall. I just stood back for a moment. Duchess was wailing on the floor. She had fallen but couldn't get up because of the pain; therefore she decided to freak out while laying down. It took almost everyone to get her back on her feet. 

"Now that was a scare." Mike says brushing himself off.

"No kidding." I respond. 

"Would you like to just put her in a sling so it wont happen again? We could make where she can touch the ground and walk around but she couldn't fall."

"I would much rather do that than take a risk." I say patting Duchess' big neck. She looks back at me and nuzzles my face with her nose. "That's me good girl." 

I look over to Mike who was looking at his phone. A smile creeped on his face.

"What?" I say.

He looks up at me, "Pablo is coming to the Eclipse Awards!"



"I can't wait to see him!"

Mike, Jones, Rosie, and I decided to drive up and stay a couple nights, but the day before we left I made sure everything was perfect.

The night before we left, which was also the night before the eclipse, I decided to spend some time with Duchess.

"Hey girl." I say walking out of the shadows and into the light of her stall. She nickers softly as I hug her. "Now you can let me know if I become annoying or get on your nerves, but I need to vent a little.

Duchess bobs her head up and down and does a 360 in her stall. I smile a pull up a bucket to sit on.

"Well there is this guy...." Duchess snorts and counts, " Oh, Duchess don't worry. No one can replace you," I say with a light laugh, and she calms back down, "Now I don't know what to do. He doesn't no I have feelings for him, and I'll probably see him tomorrow. I know you will get an award because you deserve at least one, and when I get called to the stage, I don't know if I can talk!" By now I was pacing. She nickered as to say "It's OK. I have your back." I look at her in her shining crystal eyes, "Oh, Duchess I will do anything to make sure you recover, and I will bring you home an Eclipse award." She threw her head up and let out a battle cry. She was a fighter, and no one was going to get in her way.

The Next Day

We woke up early the next morning to head to Belmont. Jones drove, and the res of us slept the whole way. Pablo had a nurse drive him to Belmont park were we would meet then go to grab some lunch.

We arrived earlier then expected, and thankfully, so did Pablo. We decided to go ahead an grab a bite to eat.

Once at the restaurant, I rolled Pablo to a table and sat down next to him.

"So, Pablo, how are you?" I say taking of my jacket and hanging it on the back of my chair.

"Getting better everyday."

"That's good. Well, we have really missed you, especially Duchess."

"I have missed you guys and Duchess as well."

We finished our lunch and decided to kill time by wandering around Belmont. When it was getting close to the time the Eclipse Awards started, we decided to head on over. We were one of the first people there which didn't bother me at all.

"Caitlyn?" I turn at the sound of my name. Who I see was my dad's old groom.

"Oh my gosh Thomas is that you!?"

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