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Slappy & Shelly: Best of Fanfictions From Forlot_Forever {Completed} by Forlot_Forever
Slappy & Shelly: Best of ~A Lubriem~
Do you like the shipping of Slappy and Shelly? Or perhaps you really like reading Forlot_Forever's fanfictions. Whatever the reason may be, you have come to the right bo...
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Mr. Colton And His Maid by CaliArtly
Mr. Colton And His Maidby Cali Artly
She never really thought her life in high school wouldn't change and be treated as the lowest kind of human life because she was a maid and everyone knows that. Her boss...
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All I Want Is You by Sakura_KitKat
All I Want Is Youby Sakura KitKat
Techno was straight -- Champ had always known that, and accepted it. Instead of burdening his friend with his unwelcome feelings, he buried them deep inside himself wher...
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The Common Acceptance - A Goosebumps Fanfiction {Completed} by Forlot_Forever
The Common Acceptance - A ~A Lubriem~
*Inspired by General Hospital's Storyline of Nelle Benson* Slappy is with the love of his life, Shelly Madison. But that all changes when Mary-Ellen tells him that she i...
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Blind Truth Book 1 [TinCan Au] by Shxxbi151
Blind Truth Book 1 [TinCan Au]by Kim Hanbin
[COMPLETE CHAPTER/s] BOOK 2 LINK : Tin Medthanan is the notorious school bad boy. On his recent scho...
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Goosebumps Movie and Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween - A Role Play Book by Forlot_Forever
Goosebumps Movie and Goosebumps ~A Lubriem~
Do you like role playing? Are you a fan of Goosebumps? You have come to the right place! All rights go to R.L. Stine. I only own Shelly and all Forlot characters.
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Blind Truth Book 2 [TinCan Au] by Shxxbi151
Blind Truth Book 2 [TinCan Au]by Kim Hanbin
[COMPLETE CHAPTER/s] BOOK 1 LINK : They say that somewhere in the world, there is someone out ther...
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Dancing Queen (Yuri on Ice x Reader) by Neon_wolf11
Dancing Queen (Yuri on Ice x Generosity Judger~san
≥﹏≤ ~~ Slow updates ~~ ≥﹏≤ (Y/n) (L/n) is an ordinary girl live in a modern place but one day she was transported in to the anime Yuri on Ice, what will happen when she...
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Éclipse solaire by Marceau-
Éclipse solaireby Marceau
Tommy, c'était le garçon dyslexique qui aimait écouter les poèmes de sa maman le soir. Ollie, c'était la fille qui les entendait depuis sa chambre et qui aurait aimé qu...
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Goosebumps 2 by juggiejonessss
Goosebumps 2by southsidevixen
Zach and Hannah thought they could live together forever in peace. Champ thought he could already go around with all the girl her wants in peace. R.L. Stine thought he c...
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Ressha Sentai Toqger 2 vs Kyuranger  by HarryJohnson486
Ressha Sentai Toqger 2 vs Harry Johnson
This is a crossover movie between Toqger 2 and Kyuranger,this is where the Toqgers meets the Kyurangers,Right have dark powers because the Kaijins became Yami Toq 1gou.T...
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Goosebumps: Alternate by ariellewilson730
Goosebumps: Alternateby arielle wilson
What if the Goosebumps monsters are real? What happened before the events in Madison, Delaware? In the town of Chicago, Slappy released the monsters out of their manuscr...
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Goosebumps by ariellewilson730
Goosebumpsby arielle wilson
A sixteen year old girl, who first thought she was useless. She never smiled from the things she went through when she was younger. Then her life changed when she met ni...
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Goosebumps 4 [#Wattys2016] by juggiejonessss
Goosebumps 4 [#Wattys2016]by southsidevixen
Hannah is gone. Zach is lost. R. L. is worried. Champ is crushed. Slappy is excited. Invisible Boy remains invisible. What about you? This time, monsters have taken over...
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MyRandomChannleForFu's (MRCFF's) Goosebumps - A Private Role Play Book by Forlot_Forever
MyRandomChannleForFu's (MRCFF's) ~A Lubriem~
This book is only to be used by me (Forlot_Forever) and MyRandomChannleForFu. Requested by MyRandomChannleForFu All rights go to R.L. Stine. I only own Shelly and all Fo...
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Flumpty and Friends #1: The 3 Week Trip by YoshiGirl99
Flumpty and Friends #1: The 3 YoshiGirl
Flumpty thought of a plan for the gang's break! They will be going to New Jersey for 3 weeks! Will Flumpty's plans be a success?
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The Dare [TYPEGOOD] by klanomarkgun
The Dare [TYPEGOOD]by Best.vv
this is my ghostship couple from Love By chance The TOP Type The BOTTOM Good i hope you guys can support this story and i'm sorry if you guys ship TypeTharn Newearth or...
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Angelica in Goosebumps by Invader_Tes
Angelica in Goosebumpsby Invader_Tes
Hi my name Angelica and today you are not going to belive what had just happen to me. I just don't know how to say this without you thinking I'm crazzy. Well what I'm ab...
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You'll Be Safe Here by hischameleon
You'll Be Safe Hereby ( • ~ • )
❝ What came before won't count anymore or matter, can we try that? ❞ Stinger didn't knew this, but Hammie manages to get in his heart slowly, by piece.
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||KAIRA FF: TA RA RUM PUM|| by shailjamanya05
||KAIRA FF: TA RA RUM PUM||by Shailja Manya
Inspired by my first fav film Ta Ra Rum Pum
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