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Red Outlaw by rylienoland17
Red Outlawby Rylie
Red is a mustang who makes his life on the Great Plains of America in the early 1800s. His life wasn't easy in it's beginning, and it wasn't about to get easier. Follow...
  • lope
  • bay
  • horses
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A Fifth Daughter [Book 2: The Dragon Warrior] by JJHays
A Fifth Daughter [Book 2: The TheDragonWriter
A MODERN MEDIEVAL FANTASY #31 in Fantasy |Book 2 of the Fifth Daughter Trilogy| Davenport has returned to take over Fantasy and the Riders are dispatched under the comma...
  • wolves
  • lamanda
  • separated
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Equestrian poll by slambourne
Equestrian pollby .Dozens.of.dreamers.
  • bits
  • pony
  • mare
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The Dragon Tails by JJHays
The Dragon Tailsby TheDragonWriter
#251 in Short Stories Every dragon has a story, but not every dragon has a voice. So, for historians; like myself, to tell a dragon's story we must look for their voice;...
  • dragon
  • roxanne
  • characters
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The Homeless Horse by Creationisthething
The Homeless Horseby Sophie
Some call me hope. Some say I bring luck. But to me, I'm just looking for the one I'll spend the rest of my life with. Abandoned as a foal, I was taught by myself, my in...
  • spirit
  • adventure
  • stallion
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Cheval - Artbook #2 by Golden_Mermaid13
Cheval - Artbook #2by ╰☆☆ 𝒮𝒶𝓇𝒶𝒽 ☆☆╮
This book is my second artbook (which I created to feature other, non-dragon related pieces of art) featuring mostly art of horses. PLEASE, DO NOT steal my art or claim...
  • horses
  • farm
  • gelding
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Call of the Wind by FireTormented
Call of the Windby Fire
Midnight is a mustang filly with a drive for competition. She wins every race.... Except for her last one. Events happen, causing her to feel as if the world is against...
  • friend
  • strong
  • humans
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High Hopes by Crazymeg1
High Hopesby Meg
Haley loves horses, but she grew up in New York City, so she could never own one. But when she finds out that she's moving to Tennessee it's a dream come true. She plans...
  • gelding
  • equestrianism
  • filly
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Mlp Clopfic's  by PrincessFernflower
Mlp Clopfic's by ClopficMaster
Have any requests you would like to send in? I only do male x Female sorry. Pony x pony, pony x dragon, pony x discord, pony x changeling and so forth.
  • mlp
  • shipping
  • filly
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My baby princess (mlp fanfic) by PrincessLuna13
My baby princess (mlp fanfic)by Sweet Spark
Violet Willams is an ordinary girl.Aside from her unnaturally bright purple eyes. What happens when feathers begin emerging from her back and on a head a horn emerges. L...
  • foal
  • alicorns
  • pony
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Midnight by horses529
Midnightby horses529
A young filly and her friend is happy in the wild, one day they were captured by humans and taken away from their herd. They started to find a bond trough out time, but...
  • equestrian
  • ride
  • horseback
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Gray by IronFilly
Grayby FeFe
Have you ever wished, you were something more? That's exactly the way 17 year old Equa Ava Hospes feels, until she finds out she is. Its all fun and games until someone...
  • away
  • fantasy
  • shifters
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my little pony next gen: alicorn problem  by Konata_Izumi283
my little pony next gen: alicorn Konata Izumi
So the main 5 have kids but When Twilight meets Flash and they want a kid But because Twilight is a Princess she is Worried that it will come in-between but when her fil...
  • pregnant
  • twilight
  • foal
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The Centaur's Love by Centaur_Queen
The Centaur's Loveby Multi-Fandom Fangirl Furever
Another short story collection from my Centaur World. You'll find some familiar characters from my other book The Centaur's Foal, and you'll get to see the romantic bac...
  • stallion
  • centaur
  • colt
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Deltora quest x reader (book one)  by Ella_Luna_Eclipse
Deltora quest x reader (book one) by Ella Eclipse
(Hayyyyyy So I've loved these books and this anime ever since I was little, I still do to this day and pride my self on my collection of every Deltora quest book, but I...
  • leif
  • deltoraquest
  • theforestofsilence
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Chasing Grace by psiithurism
Chasing Graceby elizabeth grace
Nineteen-year-old Josephine Swann has enough talent to send her on a trip for California to Europe, to train at famous show jumper Sebastian Miller's prestigious facilit...
  • grandprix
  • jumper
  • teen
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Sorrel Hill: The E.V.E.R. Tournament |COMPLETED| (BK1) by HensleeRodeo102
Sorrel Hill: The E.V.E.R. HensleeRodeo102
Kiley Tyler, is a champion jumper known worldwide. When she finally gets a chance to attend the country's finest horse camp she doesn't hesitate. All she brings is he...
  • freedom
  • completed
  • goodboy
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Flashlight by mlp_foxy
Flashlightby mlp_foxy
Twilight and flash have been dating for a year but they didn't want there friends to know!but then twilight found out she was pregnant with a filly! What could they do n...
  • flylight
  • romance
  • secret
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This wasn't supposed to happen !  by spike_the_dragon_
This wasn't supposed to happen ! by Garble's Waifu Spikey Wikey
A magic mishap turns the mane six into fillies Ana Spike has to find a way to turn them back
  • spike
  • mlp
  • spell
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My Diary by TwilightSparkle283
My Diaryby Gay Fanfic Writer
Hi! Princess Clarity here and welcome to my diary
  • voice
  • diary
  • princess
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