Chapter 8

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Caitlyn's POV

Of course Duchess had to win the race she fell at last year by 1:10.43 and win by 28 lengths just to collapse again. I didn't want to talk to anyone right now, not even my partners. This was just to much for me. We were in the stable and the vet was analyzing her leg. Amelia just happened to be her to watch Duchess. When Duchess fell she gave me a "I told you so" look. She was now working effectively and efficiently on Duchess.

"I'm going to get a plane out her ASAP so we can get her to New Bolton as quickly as possible." She says grabbing her phone. Duchess had rebroken her long pastern, but this time it was worst. Not to mention she bruised her cannon, and chipped her knee. 

Before I knew, Duchess was in the plane and ready to go. We flew to the nearest airport to New Bolton, and when we got into a truck we rushed her to the hospital. She went through surgery, again, and this time, they fused her bone together and fixed her screws. She was placed in the pool when done and woke up peacefully this time because by now, she was use to the routine. 

I can't believe they didn't fuse together her bone the first time. That was just plane stupid." Dr. Amelia says. 

"I agree." I say.

Once Duchess was fully awake, we moved her to her own stall which happened to be the one she was in last time. Saratoga workers and TV-G were the sweetess. They came by with treats for Duchess and with the blanket of pink roses which was placed on Duchess' back. They took pictures of her. Then we made a deal, the day the press conference was held when Duchess was fully recovered, we would put Rosie on Duchess and the flowers on her back and have a mini "Winner's Circle" type of thing. 

We left the flowers on Duchess as we talked and TV-G was polite enough and agreed to not interview or write anything about this other than the fact that Duchess fell, and she was revovering. We had a long talk about how I was liking the partnership, will Duchess be retired etc. After a while they decided to leave, and the reporter asked if she could return in a few days to check on Duchess. I told her it was absolutley fine with me.

I followed them into the front lobby to say goodbye. When they walked out I heard sniffling. I turned to see a little girl in her mothers arms. The girl had a poster in her hands, but from where I was standing, I couldn't read it. They looked familar but from where?

"What's wrong?" I say walking over. The girl and her mother look at me. She peerks up when she realizes who I am, and I remembered her. She was the girl who asked for my autograph earlier and a picture. She was waving the poster during the race which was all about Duchess. She told me Duchess was her hero, and she loved Duchess with all her heart.

"Oh my gosh you're Caitlyn!!" She jumps up and sreams. Then she gives me a hug.

I smile, "Why were you crying?"

"They won't let me go see Duchess!"

I grab my chest, and she giggles, "Well, I'm going to have to do something about that! Follow me." I say. The girl who was about 10 or 11 follows me to Duchess' stall. When she sees Duchess she squels.

"I never thought I would get to meet her!" She says runing up to her stall door and peeks in. Duchess walks up to her and she looks at me.

"Go ahead. Take pictures, give her treats, pet her, do what you want except don't go in her stall." 

The girl smiles from ear to ear and grabs a hand full of treats from the pile which had formed. 

"Please say she will race again." She says petting Duchess' nose.

It took me a moment to say anything, "It all depends." She looks at me then back at Duchess. Then her mom snapped a few pictures, and we talked a little longer. When they left I told them to come back in a week or so. The girl whose name I learned was Macy smiled, gave me a hug, and said "thank you" before leaaving.

*5 months later*

For 5 months I had no idea what was going on in the racing world, for 5 months I never touched a phone except for the one at the hospital. It appeared that I had disappeared from the face of the earth. The last time I saw or talked to Nathan and Jack was at the Breeder's Cup Classic where Emily won. I had no idea what was going on with my boy Celtic who was supposed to be racing, but who knew? I didn't. Today was the day the press conference would be held. Duchess looked healthy and beautiful again. I sat on a bench in the lobby for a few seconds. Today was the day we would announce that Duchess would be returning, and other big, big news. 

Mike came running through the door, "Caitlyn come here NOW!" 

God what has happened now? I followed him to the back. Duchess was on the floor shaking as if she were siezuring. Sweat trickled from her body. She looked at me with terror in her eyes. 


"Yes ma'am."

"Tell the press we are going to have to post-pone the conference."

"Got it." He says running out.

I look back to Duchess, then at Amelia, "Just put the freaking horse down! She has been suffering for to long now!"

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