Chapter 11

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2 yrs later

"1:25 FLAT." Pablo says.

" That's not bad, not bad at all." I say playing with my bracelet.

"What's wrong, Caitlyn."

I don't look at him. I just shake my head. He huffs, and I push off the rail and head back to the stable.

Life was tough being married to your once rival and arch enemy. We had been married for a few years now, but now with two new champions on the road for victory, tensions were high. I was tempted to just quit a while back and let Nathan pursue horse racing. I would just be the wife in the background who was the only reason why he was there. No one would care about me. The little ones were with their dad somewhere running around the stable. I sit down on a hay bale and wait for Mikkie to bring in Knight.

"How'd she feel?" I say looking up at him.

"Awesome, she has massive muscle for amazing speed I can tell you that. Not like that colt of Emily's. He needs work, but she is ready."

"Don't be hard on Nathan. I mean the colt lost yesterday and everyone is bothering him to death about how the horse will never be like his mother." Up there we go. I always seemed to defend Nathan without even thinking about it.

"Whatever, you need to talk to your hubby about where to start Knight, but I'm sure he won't care."

I roll my eyes, "Don't start anything."

He drops Knight's lead rope to throw his hands up, "Don't shoot I surrender." He stares at the finger I had pointed to him. 

I laugh and lay my hand in my lap, "You always can cheer me up."

He smiles, "That finger of your is lethal. If your finger points at someone, they better know to run cause if not they going to die."

I laugh and take Knight's lead rope.

Mikkie walk down the breezeway towards the truck, "Princess of the Knight lead by 12, 18, 22. She is still surging. I can't believe what I'm witnessing! She has done it! The Super Filly has broken the great Secretariat's record!!!" He yells the last part. I smile and turn to Knight.

"He's right girl. Your going to do it," She throws her head up and lets out her battle cry, "That's my girl." I say kissing her on the nose. She was going to be the greatest.

I'm the worst... I don't know why, but at the moment, I seem to not be able to make ANY long chapters like I don't know what my problem is!!!! Ugh, please just bare with me. I'll try my hardest to make the next LONG. 

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