Chapter 3

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I have to say I had a pretty awesome couple days in New York, but had to return to my string girl Duchess. I couldn't stop thinking about my new racing partners and if it was a good move and the right move or not. Though, as always, Duchess was there to comfort me. I had 30mins. until a press conference about Duchess. Of course that would when I told the world that Duchess was still living. She had been hiding here at New Bolton for almost 5 months now, and she was ready to race. I planned her come back race to be the Big 'Cap at Santa Anita in early March, but I wouldn't tell anyone. Minutes later a tech walked up to me.

"Uh, Ms. Baker, you might want to come look at the DNA results. It makes everything come to light and is quite shocking."

I followed her to the lab where she handed me the test results. What I ride shocked me. I couldn't even believe it at first. The test showed her sire being Unbridled's Mate by Unbridled's Song which would explain the weak legs. Then I saw who her mother was, and may I say her dam shocked me the most. Black Ice wasn't a plow horse her whole life. She was once the race horse named Victory Ride. I dropped the paper.

"Racing is in her blood." I breath.

" That's what it says." She says picking up the paper. I took a picture of the pedigree and texted it to the team.

"Excuse me." I say walking out of the room and to a bench. Before I even knew it, it was time for the press conference. I walked to the table outside and sat between Dr. Amelia and Jones as soon as I sat down the conference started.

"Opening remarks?" It was silent.

Then I cleared my throat, "Before the conference starts I want to say today we got back Duchess' DNA tes, and um," I paused for a moment, "And um Duchess is alive and well. She has been hiding her for the past almost what, 5 months now."

It was dead silent. Then a journalist stood.

"It was never confirmed the type of fracture Duchess had..."

Amelia spoke up, "She had a compound Sagittal Fracture of the P1 aka Long Pastern. Usually those are minor, but Duchess' was the beyond the worst I've ever seen."

Another person stood, "There are rumors that you have partnered up with International Racing Partners a.k.a. I.R.P. are those rumors true."

I took a deep breath, "Yes, they are very true."

A girl who looked about 15 stood, "May I ask what her pedigree consists of?"

"Unbridled's Song as her great sire, and her mother turned out to be Victory Ride."

I heard a gasp here in there, and then it all went silent.

"When do you plan to start racing Duchess. Is she even going to be able to race again."

Amelia spoke, "Duchess is going through intense therapy right now; therefore it is till unclear, but I'm still leaning towards no."

My heart dropped to my stomach. If Amelia was talking like that, how would I ever get Duchess back to racing again. The conference dragged on, and I started to fall asleep. After the conference, I watched one of Duchess' therapy sessions. They put her into a special pool made just for therapy. Duchess had tons of fun. She almost looked like she was racing in water. I'm sure she would go cra-zy if we didn't do this everyday. It was the closest thing to racing she had, that and the tread mill. 

When Duchess was back in her stall, I decided to go talk to Amelia.

"Amelia," she turned at the sound of her name, "I need you to do everything you can to get my filly back on the track."

She bit her lip, "I will try my hardest. Give me two weeks to watch her. Then I'll tell you what I think.

Two weeks, I could live with that.

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