Chapter 13

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Princess missed the Oaks due to injury which was saddening, but we soon had her in the Alabama Stakes. 

Princess was anxious. She bucked and reared at every sound she heard.

"What has gotten into her?" Mickey says trying to calm her.

"I don't know." I say rubbing my hand down her face.

We walked her in the paddock until we heard "riders up!" And I gave Mickey a leg up.

"Good luck, Mrs. Caitlyn." The owner of Shooting for the Stars says to me. His Grandaughter was with him.

"Good luck to you too." I say nodding my head.

I headed to the owners box to watch the race.

* Mickey's POV *

Princess went into the gate with ease. She waited for all the other fillies to be loaded in paitiently. I knew she was playing the "I'm too tired to race" card. 


Princess shot out of the gate and there was no backing off. I tried to hold her back so she could save her energy for the end, but that wasn't going to happen. I glance behind me to get an idea where everyone was. Shooting for the Stars was about ten lengths behind me. I hand rode her the rest of the race but rode her as if we were in a head bobing battle. As we enetered the stretch I felt her all of a sudden feel off. I tried to pull up, but she wouldn't slow. I knew I had to let her do what she wanted to do-run. We crossed the wire, and I slowly brought her to a canter. She felt as if she was limping, and I became very worried. We headed for the Winner's Circle and all of a sudden, Princess collapsed. I bailed and surprisingly landed on my feet. I walked over and cradled her head in my lap. She was unresponsive. Seconds later I felt Caitlyn's hand touch my shoulder and heard her snuffle a cry. 

When the vet got to us he looked her over.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but she is long gone." 

I stood up and gave Caitlyn a big hug.

We just lost Princess who came to find out broke the record with a time of 1:45.56, and she won by 39 lengths. She pushed herself to hard in the race which caused her death. Her heart and lungs weren't able to take it. She craked her right canon in the race as well.


Princess was burried by her brother. Duchess of winter went on to foal many more great champions. She died at the age of twenty-two due to cancer and returning problems in her leg. Caitlyn did the same as Nathan and Jack and didn't own or train another racehorse again. Caitlyn turned her career to the show jumping circuit. A statue of Princess of the Knight was placed at Saratoga in her honor.


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