Chapter 4

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2 weeks later

"Caitlyn." I turn to see Amelia.


"I have decided on Duchess," anxiety filled me, "I say to not race her again, but hear me out. It is your choice. Though, I don't highly recommend her to start racing."

"OK, " I sigh, "I'll call Jones. Can we take her to Belmont today?"

"Of course. She has the green light to leave, but I don't want her to race."

"Ok." I called Jones to tell him the news. He got there and we drove to Saratoga where Emily, Blitz(Celtic Phantom), and some other horses in training were. On the way there I called Nathan.


"Hey, Nathan, it's Caitlyn. Meet us at Saratoga in about 2hrs. No questions please."

"Okay?" I say good bye and hang up.

When we got there Nathan and Micheal were standing in front of the stable.

"Who is in the trailer?" Nathan says puzzled.

I smile and open the back. Duchess walks out backwards and just stands peacefully once out of the trailer. Micheal and Nathan look at each other and smile.

Then Jones snaps a lead line to Duchess, "Tack up Blitz and Emily. We will meet you out on the track." 

They nod their heads and walk into the stable. Mike and Rosie meet us at the stable. Micheal came out with his crop. Jones gave Rosie a leg up on Duchess, I gave Mike a leg up on Blitz(I'm going to start calling my Mike Mikie), and Nathan gave Micheal a leg up on Emily. 

"Your call Jones." Nathan says.

Jones turns to the 3 jockeys on their horses, "7 furlongs." They nod. Jones decided to use the starting gate because he thought it was essential. We loaded them up and learned that not only did Emily and Duchess get worked up in starting gate, but so does Blitz. I hit the button and the gates flew open. Celtic shot to the front. I look over to Jones who smiled. Duchess and Emily were 2 lengths behind right next to each other. Duchess tried to break away, but Emily caught right back up.

"Woah." Nathan breaths. 

Blitz started widening his lead and Duchess started to fade a little. Emily kept fighting to catch up but didn't. I hit my stopwatch when Blitz was done.

"1 flat."

Nathan hit his, "1:05.35"

Jones hit his, "1:07.18."

"Not to bad for first run after injury." Nathan says. I could tell he was trying to make me feel better after Duchess' run. I just smile. Mikie brought Blitz around under a tight rein.

"He is so worked up." Mikie says.

"No kidding." I say. Blitz looked like he could keep going and was still trying to relize he was done. 

Duchess and Emily came around together. I saw worry on Rosie's face and in her eyes.

"What's wrong, Rosie?" I say walking over to her.

"I don't know. Duchess wasn't running like her usual."

"What do you mean?"

"Caitlyn, I was scared as soon as she burst ed out of that gate. She had so much energy that I wasn't ready for. I was scared she would hurt herself so I held her back and didn't ask her to pick it up the whole workout."

I look back a Jones who looked deep in thought because of her words.

"Mikie," I say.


"Get on Duchess and take her 5 furlongs like it was a race." I looked at Jones to get a OK and he nodded his head. Mikie took Duchess to the 5 furlong pole. I got my stop watch ready.

"Ready when you are!" I yell down to him. Duchess took off and I started my clock. She blazed the 5 furlongs as if it was nothing. I look down at my watch and smile, " 45 flat."

"Caity," I look at Nathan, "You need to race her."

"Santa Anita better get ready because Duchess is about to rock their grounds at the Big 'Cap." I respond and he smiles.

*Sorry for the short chapter! Stay tunned they'll get longer. I just had to make it short cause h/w :|

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