Chapter 1

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It was a very long night at the hospital. Pablo actually started to get better; therefore, the next morning I decided to head back to Ruffian Equine.

When I got there, Duchess was standing peacefully in her stall with her right front rapped. I pulled some carrots out of my pocket and fed her. She lightened up, but I could see right through her. She was a lovely mare, and I would do anything to save her. 

"She seems to get better everyday. She is a strong one. I have never had a patient like your mare before." I turn to see Dr. Lewis.

"She is something for sure." I say. Duchess nickers a little.

Dr. Lewis takes a deep breath and rubs his hand down Duchess' face.

"What?" I say concerned.

"I'm afraid I wont be able to save her." 

"Don't say that!" I say jumping back.

"Even if I do she will never be the same. I'm telling you, Caitlyn, you can never race her again. She is done. She'll be lucky to not go through any complications and not get at least laminitist. If she makes it through this, " He shakes his head, " What am I talking about it's impossible."

"What? What is impossible."

"Her living. It would take a act of God."

"And I believe in acts of God with my heart, and you should know that. I mean I have Philippians 4:13 plastered everywhere."

"I know, but look at Barbaro, Ruffian, Eight Belles. They never made it."

"I believe if Ruffian didn't break her shoulder, she would have lived and would have become the top broodmare in the country."

"That is a pretty bold statement."

"I'm known for bold statements, and here me when I say this. I will not have a in confident doctor who doesn't think my horse will live work on my horse. I'm not afraid to move her to Rood and Riddle or New Bolton."

"That would be a bold a risky move Ms. Baker."

"Didn't we just establish I'm a bold person? And I think you are a very prideful man." 

He smile sarcastically and begins to walk away, "Oh and, Caitlyn, why do you want Duchess to liv-"

"You stop it right there! I-"

"I'm just saying most would make sure their horse was put down so their horse wouldn't suffer."

"Well, I, for one, believe in second chances. Good day Dr. Lewis. Duchess' stall will be empty by 4."

He sinkers as if he accomplished something. Duchess reared and started to throw a feet.

"Easy, girl Easy! You can't get all worked up like that!" I say grabbing her halter. She finally cooled down, "I'll be back for you soon. I need to get Mike and Jones and anyone else so I can move you."

2hrs. later- 2:00pm

I came back to the hospital with some hands, and we loaded Duchess up. One of thos lending hands was Dr. Amelia Defer who was the top vet in the nation and worked at New Bolton. We took the trip to New Bolton with Dr. Defer in the trailer with some techs who were stabilizing Duchess. When was all of this going to end? We took the 3hr drive to New Bolton.

Once there, we quickly unloaded Duchess and got her into a stall. Once she was settled in Dr. Defer examined her. I could tell she was more thorough and seemed more motivated to save Duchess, and I respected her for that. She took some more x-rays and examined them. While she did some test, examined, and did anything she felt was necessary, I noised around the hospital. I thought of Nathan and wandered how he was doing and how Emily was doing. To be honest I had no clue what was going on in the racing world ever since Duchess' fall.

"Excuse me miss." I turn to see a bright eyed college intern with long blonde hair and blue eyes.


"My name is Casidy, and can I say first what an honor it is to meet you," as she says this I stretch out my hand for her to shake. She smiles, "Anyway I wanted to ask you if it was OK for me to run a DNA test on Duchess."

"Well, I don't think she has anything special about her, but if you would like, go ahead."

"Oh my gosh really! Thank you so much!" She says and skips back down the hallway. I really liked making people's day.

I continued my walk and came upon a young colt that looked familiar with his legs and neck wrapped. Being around my mom my whole life, I decided to pull his file out of the slot. It read: 

Patient: I Had A Vision

Owner: Adam Tecker

I pulled out my phone and checked my  "Horse Races Now" email. There was a link that says: "I Had A Vision suffers fall during workout". I clicked on the link and the article read:

Sadly, a day after the beautiful filly Duchess' fall at the end of Whitney, I Had A Vision fell during workout. Jockey John Gratera suffered a minor broken leg but will soon be released from hospital. He was transported to New Bolton after getting caught up in the outside rail. Critics say that the tracks need to be made safer, but owner Adam Tecker had a totally different mind set:

"I Had A Vision was shoved into the rail by our colt in training I See The Monster not because of the track. He is a armature and has no clue what he is doing. He simply tripped our beloved boy, but we are thankful to say I Had A Vision is OK unlike Duchess."

I Had A Vision suffered a minor bruised right canon bone, a scrapped up neck, and a few scratches on this legs. He is expected to be released from the hospital in a week or so. 

I looked to the colt who nickered at me softly.

"To many injuries going around my friend. At least you are OK, and you are as bad as Duchess at all." I rubbed the horses face. I starred at the little gash above is eye.

"He has some tough legs that little one."I turn to see Dr. Defer.

"Oh yeah. Most horses' legs would have broken."

"Yeah, and I say that because I have concluded the cause of Duchess' fall."

"I'm all ears." I say.

"Weak legs and a suicidal pace, Never a good combination."

"Really, well a intern is going to run some DNA test. If she has any racing in her bloodline and if they are weak legged race horses, that'll say something."

"But that is if she does."

"True." I say nodding my head.

My phone started to buzz.

"Excuse me," I pull out my phone, "Hello."

"Hey, Caitlyn."

"Hello Jones."

"We are going to The Eclipse Awards right?"

"Uh, duh. I-"

Someone grabs my arm. I look at Mike. 

"It's Duchess." He says out of breath.

"Um Jones, I will have to call you back." I hang up, and Mike and I run towards Duchess' stall.

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