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  What you are about to read is something @triple_crown_queen and I were working on.... I will not be finishing this book, but don't frieght... I have been working on a AMAZING book for the past two weeks now. It will probably be published this weekend. I have a little more things and minor details to touch up. This chapter is a draft of what we were planning so there might be errors. Happy Reading! I love you guys and thanks for your support!!!! 

~Never quit running you race <3~

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I sat on the couch. The house was quiet. The kids were at there grandparent's because they wanted to spend the night, and Nathan was supposed to be coming home. I twiddled my thumbs and waited for him to walk into the door. I was glad the kids wanted to go over to Ntahan's parent's house tonight. I stare at my hands that I couldn't see in the pitch black darkness. He should be here any moment. Then the door opens. I jump up and run for him. 

"Nathan." I breath when I jump in his arms.

He wraps his arms around me tightly and rubs my back. I try my hardest to hold the tears. We are locked for what feels like an eternity, and I didn't want to pull away. When I do, His big brown eyes lock with mine. He smirks.

"What?" I say with a face.

He laughs and picks me up bridle style. I laugh and realized I missed this so much. He spins me through the house until he sets me down. We are both laughing so hard we are on the verge of crying. 

"Caitlyn, I have missed you so freaking much." He says slumping down next to me. We were against the couch, side by side. We sit in silence trying to recover from our laughing, but I was preparing myself to speak up and put an end to what I hated.

After a moment I swallow hard, "Nathan,"

"Yes." He says slipping a piece of hair behind my ear.

"I'm going to sell everyone but Duchess.... I don't want to race anymore."

His face changed quickly. He looked shocked, "Why would you say that? You love to race."

"Because," I pause a moment and take a deep breath, "It's keeps me away from you, and I can't stand it. I don't want you to be my rival ever again."

"But Princess is a mare. We don't have to worry."

"Nathan, Prince and Princess will be rarely racing at the same tracks." I started to tear up.

"Hey, we can work this out." He says wiping a tear off my cheek. He takes my head in his hands and kisses me on the forehead. Then he brings me into his arms and holds me tightly.

"Nathan." I say muffled and think about the time in the park.

"Yes." He says. His breath hot on my neck and shoulders.

"Don't let me go."

"I never would've thought of."

I lightly started to cry in his shoulder. He just held me closer and tighter.

"Nathan, what would I ever do without you? It's scary to think about it."

"Don't, because we are together and that's all that matters. Now I'll be right back. I have to do something." 

I let go of him, and he gets up. A minute later he comes back. 

"Come on," He says with an out stretched hand. I take it, and he brings me to my feet. When I'm up he embraces me, "Caitlyn, you can't give up." I nod in his shoulder, and we break apart, "I'm tired. You seem tired. Let's go to bed. We can talk more in the morning." He takes my hand and I follow him to our bedroom. That night he held me close and never lets me go.


I slowly wake up, still in his arms.

"Hey, beautiful." He says looking at me.

"Hey." I say snuggling into him again. 

"What do you want to do today?"

"Well, I have to get the-"

"No you don't."

"Uh, yeah I do."

"I have it taken care of. Don't worry."

"Nathan, you are the best."

"So want to get some breakfast at Bojangles or somewhere?"

"Sounds good." I say sitting up. He rubs my back, and I smile. 

We get ready and go to town. On the way to town my phone buzzes.


text message

"Who is it?" Nathan says.

"I don't know."  I say opening my phone.

Caitlyn, you aren't safe and neither is your family. Should't have saved Duchess and had the police look for me. Don't worry I was thrown in jail, but I'm back.

I drop my phone and throw my face in my palms.

"How did he find me?" I breath. 


I look at Nathan, "Jones..."

"Give me your phone." I hand it to him, and when we pull into the parking lot, he read it. Then he looks at me with worry and fear, "My parents, Eric, and Ellie."

"No." I almost scream.

He puts the truck in reverse and guns it. When we get on the road, Nathan does 90 and faster on a 45 speed limit all the way to his parent's house.

When we get there he runs up to the door and trys to open it. It was locked so he knocks and rings the door bell.

"Looks like you figured it out! Took you long enough!" Jones yells inside the house. Nathan peeks through the window cautiously fearful Jones had a gun.

"He is on the recliner, gun in hand... Caitlyn get down!" Nathan screams. I fall to the ground just in time because I hear a load noise and something fly right over my head at lightning speed. My ears ring and glass is broken. I just hoped Nathan and everyone else was OK. 

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