The Big Miracle

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The memories that have been made ever since Duchess came in my life have been happy, wonderful, and great. I thought about how perfect and the kind of personality she had. I thought about everything that pertained to Duchess from how she changed lives around her, her personality, and just how she raced.

I started to slowly stop crying, but Nathan didn't let go of me. I loved it in his arms, and I believe he loved me in his. He continued to rub my back until I heard a familiar neigh behind me. I let go of him and swing around to see Duchess wide eyed and awake.

" What happened? "

" Someone must have stopped it. "

" But who? " Nathan stood there for a second playing with some hay with his shoe. " Nathan... " He was dead silent.

" I better go tell Jack that Duchess isn't being euthanized. No offense, but I believe he will be mad. " He turns around slowly.

"Don't tell anyone she is alive please."

"I won't." He begins to walk away again.

" Wait!" I say. He stops mid step and turns around. I walk up to him and give him a quick hug. I let go of him and begin to walk away but quickly give him a kiss on the cheek. He turns red, and I'm sure I was too. I quickly walk over to Duchess and don't look at him again. After a moment I pull out my phone and call Jones.

"Hello?" He sounded terrible.

"I have some good news."

"The only goo news is thy Duchess is alive which I know isn't the news."

"She is actually alive, but we need to get her to Ruffian Equine Medical Center ASAP."

"OK, I'll be right there." A couple minutes later Jones walked in the stable with some hands. We loaded Duchess up and got 2 police officers to escort us. Everyone thought we were taking Duchess somewhere to be stuffed or something. When we arrived at the hospital, x-rays were taken immediately to revile a shattered long pastern .

"It doesn't look good." Head doctor Dr. Tom Lewis says. I bite my lip, "But I believe she has a chance. " I smile.

Duchess went straight into surgery for 3 hours straight. I waited impatiently for the news. Dr. Lewis came out, and I stood.

"I believe she is going to make it, but she won't be able to race ever again. We are moving her to the pool right now if you would like to come back and see her."

I nod my head and follow him to the back where Duchess was in the pool resting peacefully. Once fully awake, she began to "run".

"Easy girl easy." Rosie says. After a moment she calmed down.

"She has 5 screws in her leg." Dr. Lewis says. Then someone taps my shoulder. I turn to see Mike puffy eyed and red.

"What's wrong?"

"It's Pablo." I grab my chest and follow him out of the room.

"How is he?"

Mike became chocked up, "He is paralyzed waste down, and right now, they don't even know if he will make it." I began to cry, and that night I visited my friend who lay on his death bed.

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