Chapter 7

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I met Jones at the stble around 2:00.

"Afternoon, Caitlyn. Will we be working any body today?"

"Um no. My orginal plan was to, but something has come up. We need to talk."


"I'm not happy with you at all, Jones."

"What do you mean?"

"I've heard you have been extremley rude Nathan and his team. That-"

"I see fell in love and now defending those rich city slickers."

"Jones, you may leave, now!"

"Good day, Caitlyn."

I said nothing and watched him walk away, smiling.

I called Nathan.

"Hello, sunshine." He says.


"Oh Lord what happened?"

"I just fired Jones. Jack needs to get back or you need to train." I was worried to hear his response.

"Jack can't come back," He paused, "I guess I will have to train."

"You'll be the best."

"Aww Thanks. Well I'll see and talk to you later."

"Okay, love-"

"Caitlyn it's OK, I love you." I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Love you too." I say with a giggle. We hang up. That phone call just made my day.

4 Months later- Whitney Handicap

Today was a big day. It was Duchess's second big race since she recovered. If she won today, and I knew she would, would mean she would be going to the Breeder's Cup. The post were

1.) Duchess of Winter 2/1

2.) The Big and Bad 4/1

4.) Call me crazy 10/1

5.) Please Call Me 15/1

6.) I'm A Monster 5/1

Duchess was extremely anxious. She paced her stall, threw her head, and was sweating like there was no tomorrow.

"Lord, I have never seen her like this." Pablo says shaking his head. He rolls his wheel chair closer to her, and she comes over and lowers her head to him. I smile at the sight. Duchess was the perfect therapy for Pablo. When the time came we tacked her up and took her to the paddock. Rosie really suited our new silks.

"Ready?" I say patting her shoulder.

"Ready as I'll ever be." I smile.

"Riders up!"

I give Rosie a leg up and head over to the owner's box.

Rosie's POV

Duchess was very bouncy. Mike looked to find it funny.

"Good luck princesses!" He says letting us go. I smile and Duchess prances out onto the track. The crowd went wild, and I kind of liked it. Duchess held her head up and started prancing like a dressage horse.

We were the last to be loaded in the gate. I knew Duchess was ready when she swiftly went into the gate. She wanted to race.


The gates flew open and Duchess shot out leading the pack. She set a fast pace. What I thought was a suicidal one. She left everyone. I look back to see the closest was The Big and Bad who was at least 7 lengths behind. I didn't ask her to slow or anything; I just let her own thing and run. After we entered the back stretch I knew Duchess had this so I didn't even bother looking back. We entered the stretch and Duchess kept getting faster and faster. I hand rode her all the way to wire. When we passed it I started to slow her down. I missed the final call because I was trying to get her to calm. Then I feel her stumble and I get thrown. I jump up and she was on the ground.

"Oh God not again."

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