Chapter 12

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Princess had a very VERY impressive two year old season. She was favored going into the Oaks. Everyone loved her. She was called "the next Emily the First" "The Super Filly of a century" and the list goes on. I was quiet worried about Zprincess and was tempted to scratch her after acting lame, but the vet gave her the OK and she had a perfect workout.
15 minutes to post.
Princess was fired up. I knew she was ready. We walked her around the paddock one last time before letting Mickey take her to the track for the post parade. I hurried up to the owners box and waited anxiously. They were loaded into the starting gate and less than a minute later the gates shot open. Princess shot to the front and stayed their. She started to break away at turn one and nobody got closer than 10 lengths from her for the rest of the race.
"Princess of the Knight! Princess of the Knight has it! The Super Filly is leading by 20,30, 40 lengths at the wire, and that's unofficial folks!"
I jump up and give Nathan a hug. She did it! We walk down to the track and meet up with Mickey and Princess.
"Amazing ride, Mickey! I can't believe what I saw out there!" I say giving him a big smack on the boot. He smiles and we lead him over to the winners circle. For the next ten minutes all I heard was cameras flashing.
"What flower is next?" Nathan says slinging his arm over my shoulders and bringing me in.
"Why the lilies of course!" I see a huge smile on his face.
*That Night*
I decided to go see Princess at midnight for some reason. It had been a very big day for both Princess and Bubba. When I walked into the stable, I hear horrifying whinnies. I run to Princess's stall to see her freaking out because her halter got hung on the water trough. Blood ran down her back leg.
"Who left your halter on!" I saw quickly walking over to her assistance. She let out a piercing neigh. "Easy girl, easy. I'm here to help you." she settled down and let me unclip her halter. Once unclipped, she jumped back and reared. I saw blood caked to the left side of her face and pouring out of her left leg. I didn't hesitate and called the track vet who was there in no time.
After examining her leg and face. She cleaned it up and wrapped her leg. Then she looks at me, "Her canon is cracked and bruised. She doesn't need to race, EVER again."
"Don't worry. I won't be making that mistake again. "
"Good day Caitlyn. I'm sorry for this." Dr. Walker says giving me a pat on the back. I nod and gave Princess and good rub down before heading back to the hotel. Why does everything bad happen to me?

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