BrokenMirror2's Theory

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*I'll be posting theories from Captured fans on here as additional chapters. Submit your own via message or in a comment below for a chance to be featured in a special bonus chapter! :) 

BrokenMirror2’s Theory:

 Theory 1:

Alexa could of died because Abrianna had kicked her in the face and when she heard that crack and that noise Alexa made before she passed out she could of fell into the water and drowned thus killing her.

 Theory 2:

Abrianna could be dead, but Matías had a solemn look on his face he wasn’t upset or anything that much, or maybe he was just holding his tears back. But, anyway, if it was Abrianna he would be balling his eyes out.

Theory 3: 

I am so confused right now :/

The one in the casket had a peaceful expression, so Alexa because she thought she accomplished in killing her sister? But then Abrianna could have been the one at the funeral, and she hasn’t said that much about what her sister had done because of her parents. (By the way, her parents had done a horrible job in raising Alexa).

Man, my brain hurts.

Answer: I don’t know, but I shall keep trying!


*Captured Release Update*

Just wanted to let everyone know that I had to push back the release of Captured. I'll keep you all updated on the new release date and thank you for understanding! :) 

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