Chapter Four

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Chapter Four


An alarm beeped somewhere off in the distance and brought with it a crashing wave of consciousness.

Wincing, I tried to move my arms and legs. They barely budged. As I continued to struggle, thoughts raced through my mind. Will Addison call the police? How long will she give it before she calls my parents? My parents… I pictured their faces as they received news that I had been kidnapped. Even worse, I pictured my little sister’s face. I say little, but she’s only eighteen months younger than me. Alexa had long brown hair and chocolate colored eyes. Her eyes were set a little wider than mine, but other than that, we looked so similar, people often confused us for twins. She would cry when the police told her. My mother would drape an arm around her trembling frame. Stop! I had to force her tear-streaked face out of my mind.

Footsteps caused the floorboards in the hallway to creak loudly. My body involuntarily tensed as I waited for the bedroom door to open.

“Time to get up.”

Not responding, I shifted my body slightly, trying to put as much space between us as possible.

“That’s fine. You don’t need to speak to me right now. Maybe you’re just not a morning person?”

Not a morning person, I thought in disgust. You kidnapped me you asshole!

“There’s a bathroom here. Do you need to use it?”

I nodded.

His footsteps got closer and I could feel him leaning over me. I held my breath as he loosened my arms and legs.

“I’m going to trust you to follow my rules,” he said. “I’ll let you go to the bathroom with untied limbs as long as you don’t try anything stupid. I’ll give you twenty minutes. Then I’m coming in whether you are ready or not. Do you understand?”

I nodded.

“Also, there aren’t any windows, loose floorboards, or any other way to escape. So, don’t waste your time.”

Swallowing, I forced myself to nod again.

His strong fingers wrapped around my arms and pulled me to my feet. I wobbled as he led me into the hallway.

“Last thing,” he said, “do not take off your blindfold until you are inside the bathroom.”

“Okay,” I responded.

“Well look at that, she talks,” he exclaimed in a sarcastic tone.

He tightened his grasp around my biceps. “I’m serious though, do not take off that blindfold until you are in the bathroom. If you don’t’ listen, I’ll duct tape your eyes shut.”

I heard the door open and felt him shove my body forward. I stood silently with my feet on the cold tile floor until I heard the door shut behind me.

Tentatively, I reached up to take off my blindfold. When I didn’t hear any signs of protest, I tugged on the knot and slipped it off my face. Blinding light from large eighties style light bulbs shined in my eyes, causing me to squint. When I finally managed to open my eyes, I blinked several times as I searched the wall for a mirror. Seriously? What kind of bathroom doesn’t have a mirror?

I sighed as I sat down to pee. Next, I peeled off my clothes and turned on the tap in the small shower lined in teal tiles. Gross.

I thought back to the blindfold threat. Ugh… I already know what you look like, Easton. Well, I think I do… I thought back to the previous night. I had stood waiting outside of Graze in a green summery dress. I wore flat gold sandals and had my favorite Coach clutch under my arm. My phone had buzzed twice. Easton, or whoever he was, sent me a text message saying that he was lost. He described the parking lot he had parked in and I offered to meet him there so we could walk back to the restaurant together.I shook my head. I’m such an idiot!

I remember stubbing my toe on the sidewalk. I leaned against the side of the brick building as I inspected my manicured toes. Ouch! I pulled out my cell phone and debated texting Easton directions instead of walking to meet him. Then, before I could send him the message, my phone lit up.


“Yeah, I figured out where I am.”

“Oh, good,” I said with a slight frown as I looked at the chipped pink polish.

“I’m cutting through the alley. See you in a minute?”

“Okay, I’m standing in front of the alley.”

My heart fluttered as I spotted him down the alley. I couldn’t make out his features, but he appeared tall with a muscular build and blond hair. As he got closer, he looked down at his shoes. A moment later, he clutched his chest and fell to the ground.

“Oh my God! Easton!” I had screamed as I ran toward him.

He didn’t budge as I crouched down to check for vitals. “Easton? Easton! Can you hear me?” Before I had a chance to find his pulse, he reached up and grabbed me by the neck. In an instant he had slammed my face into the pavement and swung his body on top of mine.

Pure terror coursed through my blood as blood dripped down my forehead into my eyes.

“Don’t make this harder,” growled my attacker.

“Please! Let me go!” I cried.

He let out a sinister laugh. “Not a chance.”

I struggled under his strong legs. “Please! I promise not to tell anyone!”

He shifted his weight, trapping my body further under his.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I pleaded.

Refusing to answer, he kept one hand on the middle of my back and reached for something I couldn’t see with the other.

Sensing it might be my only chance, I quickly rolled to the left and sprang to my feet. Before he could react, I kicked him in the side and sprinted down the dark alley.

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