QueenOfTheCookies' Theory

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QueenOfTheCookies' Theory:

Matías POV

I looked down on Alexa. Her body tight in a casket. Yet she looked so peaceful. I frowned and shook my head. This wasn’t the plan. It was supposed to be Abriana. All those times I pretended I loved her… HA. I can’t believe she and everyone bought it. I planned all of this out with Alexa. I asked her to do a simple task. Go butter up Easton, and kill Abriana. But Alexa just screwed up, as always.

I told her to put a can of bug spray in the drinks, not that other stupid stuff. The bug spray would have DEFINITELY gotten rid of Abriana.

I stifled a smile. Maybe… Maybe I will get her one day. So I can be there for her parents. They will love me like their own. Maybe, hopefully I will inherit their riches. I looked at them. They had red puffy eyes and crumpled tissues in hand. I smirked at the sudden realization. Be there now.


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