Dragonfan14's Theory

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*I'll be posting theories from Captured fans on here as additional chapters. Here is the first theory, brought to you by dragonfan14! :) 


Dragonfan14’s Theory

As Abriana kicked her sister, and heard the crack and scream, once she blacked out, she was close enough to shore not to be drowned, but still washed up by some waves.

A couple minutes later, because the people in the next cabin couldn’t see what was happening, like Alexa had said, they rushed over to the rescue because they heard the scream.

One found Abriana and did CPR as the other rushed over to the floating body.

The one who gave Abriana CRP told the other person that she heard something about the girl who was barely conscious.

They called 911, got an ambulance, and rode off to the hospital.

Once there, Abriana was conscious enough to tell the doctors her phone number so they could call her parents and tell them the tragic news.

Later on, the detective came over and managed to get Abriana to say a little of what happened. Hence him thinking that he knows what happened.

But just as the detective was about to get more out of Abriana, the doctors pushed him out because Abriana’s heart monitor which she was hooked up to sped up as she remembered the near death experience.

Later that night, as Abriana’s parents were saying how they were so worried when they heard that both their daughters were in urgent care, a random doctor (possibly from Alexa’s room) bursts through the door saying that Alexa had just died, and there was nothing they could do.

Abriana’s parents cry as they embrace their only daughter. But they don’t know that Abriana’s not crying, instead her painful memory kept playing on rewind.

Then it starts off from where your last chapter started.


What do you think? Do you think Dragonfan14 is correct?


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