Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight


Too terrified to scream, I shook uncontrollably on top of the thin mattress and bit my lower lip. Who’s here? What are they going to do to me? Is Easton a serial killer?

Wincing, the bleeding cut on my thigh stuck to the lumpy comforter covering the bed. Why did he cut me? Are they going to do it again?

I replayed the events of the night in my mind until I felt like throwing up. I’ve got to find a way to get out of here and I need to do it soon… Otherwise, I’m going to die.


The smell of bacon floated through the air. For a brief moment, I expected to open my eyes and see the familiar sights of my bedroom. Instead, dark fabric prevented me from seeing anything, not even a shadow.

Easton let me take the blindfold off to shower once a day. That was it. My sight and freedom had been reduced to thirty minutes in a bathroom with cracked black and white tiles and a leaky faucet.

Suddenly, my heart began to race and my teeth started to chatter violently as I remembered being cut with a razor sharp knife. What about the other person? Are they still here? Are they going to attack me again?

Taking a deep breath, I tried to rally any remaining courage I had left deep within my soul. Okay, I’ve got to try and escape. If I don’t, they are going to kill me. It’s only a matter of time.

Maneuvering my body, I managed to slide my tied hands under my bottom and around the front of my body. Inhaling, I lifted my hands to my face and tugged on the blindfold. The bright sunlight that flooded my room hurt my eyes. Squinting, I looked around the room and made note of all possibly escape routes. The door or the window… I decided to go for the window.

Getting up, I crept across the floor, cringing with every creak.

Pressing my wrists together, I turned my hands so my palms were facing upward. I slide my fingertips into the grooves and tried to push up. Noooo! A voice inside my head screamed in protest as I tried to push the window up again. He nailed it shut! How am I going to get out now?

Taking a shaky breath, I looked around the room again. There must be something in here that I can throw through the window…

Deciding on the drawer from the nightstand, I pulled it out by the handle and took a practice swing. Okay… It’s now or never…

I swung the drawer back and chucked it forward with as much force as my weak body could muster. Shattering instantly, the glass fell in dangerous shards inside the room and outside the building.

A loud clanging sound followed by a slew of cuss words came from outside of the bedroom door.

I brushed the remaining glass out of the windowsill and swung one leg over and then the other. Throwing my body forward, I plunged out of the room and landed in an overgrown bush.

Without looking back, I sprung to my feet and ran away from the house and the man that held me hostage.

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