Chapter Two

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Chapter Two


Each bump we went over jolted my body uncomfortably in the confined space of the trunk. I tried counting to judge how far we had gone, but lost count somewhere after three thousand four hundred and seven.

I analyzed everything I knew about the man who kidnapped me. He went by the name Easton Pierce, at least that’s what he went by online. He went to school for business or marketing or something like that at the University of Wisconsin. He grew up in a small town in Minnesota and came from a big Irish Catholic family. His sisters were all married and each had between two and four children. His mother and father were happily retired in a condominium community just outside of Minneapolis. Is his name really Easton? Does he go to school at UW-Madison? Was everything a lie?

Questions continued to race through my mind until the car came to an abrupt stop. I pushed my legs against the side of the car for support. Cocking my head, I heard the familiar click of the small door hiding the gas tank.

I bit my lip nervously. This could be my only chance… Deciding to go for it, I began to yell at the top of my lungs, “HELP! HELP ME! HELP! He kidnapped me! PLEASE! Anyone! I’m in the trunk! Please! HELP ME!”

Easton banged on the trunk and mumbled a slew of curse words. A moment later, a car door slammed and the tires squealed. My body violently rolled into the back of the trunk, then rolled forward and backward again.

Did someone hear me? Will someone call 911? I held my breath and waited to hear police sirens. After several sharp turns and the sound of gravel underneath the tires, the car came to a stop. Easton got out of the car and opened the trunk.

“I should have known better, Abriana,” he fumed. “I trusted you, but now I know better!”

The sound of tape unrolling and being ripped off by teeth made me cringe.

“This should help,” he muttered as he placed the sticky covering over my mouth.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!” my muffled screams were no louder than my great aunt humming her favorite hymns from church.

“That’s better,” he said before shutting the trunk and enveloping me in further darkness.

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