Chapter Nineteen (Part Two)

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Easton’s chest rose and fell rapidly. “What else do you want from me?” he whispered in a frantic voice.

I turned up the music a little bit louder. “To confess. Leave me out of it and I won’t kill your little brother,” I smirked. “Also, tell them Abriana shot you.”

“Ma’am, you are not allowed to speak to the prisoner,” said one of the police officers.

Plastering on an innocent look, I turned down the volume and slumped my shoulders. “¿Perdón?”

“She’s not going to understand what you just said, you moron,” said the other officer. “She doesn’t speak English.”

Perfect, they fell for it. Idiots!

I quickly slipped the balled up picture into my pocket. Winking at Easton, I blew a kiss before turning around and pulling the mop and dirty water behind me.


My hands shook with excitment as I entered the janitor’s closet. Problem solved. I changed out of the one-piece uniform and into a pair of scrubs. I grabbed the duffel bag I had carefully placed on top of a large wire locker and shoved the uniform in.

Before walking out the door, I wiped down the mop and anything else I had touched. Satisfied I had erased any trace of evidence, I tucked up a stray strand of hair in my hat and put on a pair of aviators. Time to get out of here. I thought with a wicked smile.

I pushed through the door and kept my head low. Looking straight ahead, I kept my eyes focused on the Exit sign at the end of the hallway.

As I neared the doors leading outside, my thoughts drifted to Matías. What does he even see in her? I mean, she broke up with him. Now he’s fawning over her like she deserves it! Ugh! I wonder how long it will take him to get over Abriana once she’s dead? I could find someone else in the mean time… Seems like a waste of my time though. Matías is my future, why should I have to wait to be with him?

I shook my head as I pushed the door open. Whatever… Abriana will be gone soon and everything will be perfect. Especially-”

“Ma’am,” came a voice from down the hall, interrupting my thoughts. “Ma’am!”

My heart began to pound in my chest. Don’t stop. Just keep walking!


I picked up my speed and slung the over-sized bag over my shoulder.

Only a few feet from the door, my blood turned ice cold as someone’s voice boomed out, “Someone stop her!”


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