Chapter Twelve (Part Two)

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Chapter Twelve (Part Two)



The dark enveloped my body and my heart immediately started racing.

As I crouched down, I heard Easton slide the rug out of the way and walk out of the kitchen. Feeling around my surroundings, my hands brushed against something sticky. My breath caught in my chest as I yanked my hand back quickly. Gross, I thought as I eased down into a sitting position. Clasping my hands in my lap, I blinked, keeping the unshed tears in check. Stay alert!

A few minutes passed. The silence combined with the pitch-black surroundings overwhelmed my senses. My mind went into overdrive. Should I try to run? I don’t have any handcuffs on? Was he serious about some “her” wanting to kill me?

Before I could decide to run or stay, a door slammed shut and feet stomped across the hardwood floor.

The voices were muffled, but I could tell Easton was shouting.

A few moments later, a loud thud caused dust particles to fall from the floorboards into my hair and on to my face. What was that? Did something or someone fall?

The shouting got louder and another loud thud shook the floor. What’s going on? Are they fighting?

My body quaked with fear.

“You liar! You were NEVER going to let her go!” shouted Easton.

I bit my lower lip to stop my teeth from chattering. They’re right above me!

Easton’s voice, full of rage, rang out, “I never should have gotten involved in any of this! You’re crazy!”

Why isn’t she talking?

Suddenly, a scream erupted and the sound of bodies crashing to the floor.

“No! No! No!” shouted Easton. “Don’t kill me!”

My jaw dropped open. Oh my God, she has his gun!

A moment later, a deafening bang followed by a painful cry, caused my hand to fly to my mouth to stifle a shriek.

My body shook uncontrollable as drops of blood made their way through the floorboards and splashed on to my face and hands.

Everything started to spin and my mouth went dry as my body became coated in a crimson mess. Unable to cope with the sheer terror, my body shut down, and everything went black.

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