Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen


“That piece of… UGH!” I cursed to myself.            

What am I going to do with this stupid gun and his cell phone? Idiot!

I shook my head and wiped a smear of blood off of my cheek. He better be dead! A smile crept up on the corners of my lips as I thought back to the moment I pulled the trigger. Recalling Easton’s pure look of terror sent shivers down my spine. That felt sooo good! I took a deep breath and savored the memory.

Okay, get it together, Alexa! Where are you going to get rid of this stuff? I looked over at Easton’s burner phone and the 9 mm handgun I bought from some loser online. People will give you anything when you pay them the right price, I thought with a chuckle.

Biting my lip, I looked in my rearview mirror. I don’t have much time. The sun is going to rise soon and someone could have already reported the gunshot.

I let out a frustrated sigh. Isn’t there a lake around here somewhere?

I pulled over and grabbed my cell phone. My fingers trembled with excitement. I shot someone! I actually did it! Feeling no remorse, I smiled. I can’t wait until the next time… Opening Google Maps, I selected “Current Location” and zoomed out on my location until a small body of water popped up. Done! I tapped a few buttons and a few moments later, the directions loaded onto the screen.

As I drove down a small country lane, Abriana’s face floated into my mind. What did he do with you? Are you even alive? Or, I thought with an evil smile, are you locked up somewhere starving to death? Unable to decide which made me happier, I pushed her dark eyes and pouty lips out of my thoughts.

A few minutes later, my headlights reflected off of a small lake. Phew, made it! I reached over and wiped off the cell phone and the gun with an extra t-shirt balled up on the floor. Bye bye, evidence, I thought as I tossed the phone on to the damp ground. Stomping down with all of my might, I broke the phone in half and shattered the screen.

I picked up the broken phone with a t-shirt covered hand and threw it into the lake. A quiet gulp broke the silence as the lake swallowed anything linking me with Easton. Much better.

Cocking my head to the side, I looked at the gun one last time. Such a shame… I would have loved to pull that trigger again… Oh well! Then, without another thought, I chucked the gun into the middle of the lake. Plop.

After the rings of water made their way to the bank, I looked down on my clothing. Gross! Easton’s blood had managed to stain my shirt and shorts. At least I came prepared… Stripping down, I tossed the soiled clothes into a plastic bag with a couple of heavy rocks sitting near the water. Once I had thrown the bag into the water, I knelt down next to the chilly water and washed any remaining signs of Easton off my body.

There, that’s much better, I thought to myself. Standing up, I let the water droplets glide off my body and down toward the damp grass.

Once I felt sufficiently dry, I leaned inside of my car door and popped the trunk. The glow of the interior light revealed a pair of running shorts and a white tank top.

After sliding on the clean clothes, I checked the time and huffed. I better get home before my parents get up…

As I put my car into drive, I looked into the rearview mirror. Finally, no more Abriana! Now, it’s all going to be about me!


Turning off the headlights, I pulled into a spot in front of our house. I slid the keys out of the ignition and slipped out of the car as quietly as possible. Cringing as the door shut, I looked up at the house for signs of someone being awake. Totally darkness met my gaze. Phew!

As I crept around the side of the house, my phone buzzed. I reached around and pulled it out of the waistline of my shorts. My heart started to pound as the screen lit up with a text message from my mother.

They found her! We’re on our way to the hospital!

We couldn’t find you! Please come meet us at St. Anthony’s!

Slapping a hand to my mouth, I let out a muffled scream and dropped to my knees. How can she still be alive? I thought she was dead! Damnit! I should have shot Easton and then looked for her! All of my hard work has been for nothing!

Tears of pure hatred dripped down my face as the rage built up inside. Shaking, I pulled my body up from the grass and forced my legs to propel my body toward the house.

Twisting my lips, I looked up toward Abriana’s old bedroom. Don’t worry, big sister. I can be patient and when the time finally presents itself again, I’ll finish the job once and for all.

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