Chapter Six

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Chapter Six


“Yeah, everything is fine.”

Who is he speaking to?

“Okay. Don’t worry,” he paused. “I love you too.”

LOVE YOU? My blood pressure skyrocketed and anger seeped through my pores. Clearly, I’m not his only victim! What an ass!

Biting my lip, I exhaled slowly and tried to picture my family. Thinking of them was the only thing that helped me survive the past few days. Like a reel playing over and over again in a movie theater, I pictured my mother’s long brown hair falling into my face as she leaned over to kiss me on the cheek in the morning. Also on repeat, my father’s smile when he watched my sister play lacrosse. Lastly, Alexa’s eyes, filling with tears when I told her I was moving out of the house and living in the dorms my first year of college. “You can’t leave me here by myself,” she said. “I’ll miss you too much!”

Easton’s gruff voice interrupted my thoughts. “Open up.”

I complied and he pulled a rolled up sock out of my mouth.

“You’re disgusting,” I spat.

“Think before you speak,” he growled.

“I just have one question,” I said. “Why did you kidnap me? You obviously are in a relationship or whatever that was on the phone, with someone else. Either you’re a serial liar or just a pervert!”

A quick blow to the cheek dampened my rebellious spirit.

I listened as Easton’s footsteps left the room. Adjusting my body, I tried to flex my wrists. They were tied up behind my back and rope burns made most movement painful.

“You better not try to get that blindfold off again,” he shouted from another room.

I almost had it off earlier… I thought I was alone, but when Easton’s callused hands met my throat, I knew that I had made a costly mistake. His hot breath spilled across my face, causing me to cringe. As he squeezed, the air in my lungs depleted to a dangerously low level. I shuttered as I remember his tongue sliding across the side of my face. “Leave this on, or the next time, I won’t let go,” he had said through clenched teeth. He retied the blindfold and left me gasping for air on the sofa.

My stomach growled, reminding me of the fact that I hadn’t eaten in what felt like days. Every time Easton offered me something, I had refused. I didn’t want to give him more power of me. I controlled if I ate or not, not him. I knew that it couldn’t go on forever, but I wanted to keep it up as long as possible.

As I laid my head on a squishy sofa cushion, tears formed in my eyes. I want to go home…


I woke to Easton shaking my shoulder.

“Get up,” he commanded. “We’ve got company.”


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