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Hot and Dangerous by InWonderLandAgain
Hot and Dangerousby InWonderLandAgain
{Completed} What would you do if one of the most wanted criminal forced you to drive him to his safe house by holding a gun to your head? Parking in front of the coffee...
August's Angel by Ariislife88
August's Angelby Angel emotion
Amela, a teenage girl that suffers from depression, her parents kicked her out when she was only 15 and now she's 17 years old and has a job as a waitress to stay alive...
Kidnapped By Pirates by MissCherri
Kidnapped By Piratesby MissCherri
🔻(TRIGGER WARNING)🔺 18+ This story contains mature themes that might be triggering for some readers. Charli is snatched from her city of ElderVeir by raiding pirates...
Kidnapped by ICantWriteOhNo
Kidnappedby icantwriteohno
When a normal gym class turns into chaos due to an attack by the notorious gang leader Miguel Adams, Heather and her classmates are taken hostage, either to be sold, ran...
YoU CAn'T EScaPe....( jeff the killer x reader ) by jeffry24
YoU CAn'T EScaPe....( jeff the Jeffrey
*book 1* I was covered in my own blood "" I said more like whispering I wasn't sure if he heard me breathing was really hard and tho...
UNDER by KellyAnneBlount
UNDERby Kelly Anne Blount
***Optioned for film/TV by Komixx Media! More info coming soon!*** Selected by @Unfriended for the Best of Horror! A serial stalker is on the loose. When detectives fin...
She Belongs to Me [A Stalker Series] by ReadingtheInsanity89
She Belongs to Me [A Stalker Alice Boothe
Emily Hayden is more than enthusiastic about her second year of college. She's enrolled in the best classes, one year closer to getting her teaching degree, and has her...
Rescued By My Kidnapper by ThePurpleFreak
Rescued By My Kidnapperby ThePurpleFreak
Violet lived a cold life when her mother passed away. She steals, she fights and she causes trouble, getting away with it for many years, her heart getting colder as tim...
KIDNAPPED BY (AUGUST ALSINA) by _naydiaanaydiaa
August get the girl of his life (JORDAN) "DO NOT COPY"
Jesus in LA [DNF MAFIA AU] by urmommasbread
Jesus in LA [DNF MAFIA AU]by eeee
[UPDATED WHENEVER] When George, a scrawny college student, runs from his boyfriends house, after seeing him cheating on him with his ex girlfriend, he comes across a man...
Ropes by FiandJo
Ropesby FiandJo
I need to leave. Get out. This is my only choice. This is it. Now or Never.
The rejected kidnapped mate (completed) by jess_stories
The rejected kidnapped mate ( Jess🥰
I Mason Carter soon to be Alpha rejects Lillian miller . Those were the words Lillian never wanted to hear in her life. Lillian is a 16 year old, quiet girl who is still...
Stockholm Syndrome by Frenchie_007
Stockholm Syndromeby Sun&Stars
Lily, 21, a successful college student and dancer. Aaron, her stalker now kidnapper, has been in love with Lily since her freshman year of college. He's been watching, w...
Someone grabs me. I'm pushed against the wall but I do not scream I don't even move. He starts kissing me and before I even realize what's going on he kisses my neck. ...
The Alpha's Girl by wewritebooks
The Alpha's Girlby wewritebooks
"Stop! No! I don't like you!" I shout, pushing him away with my hands. He growls, gritting his teeth. "Oh, doll, but you will," he whispers, his tee...
It's Over (BAKUDEKU) (COMPLETED) by trashiees
It's Over (BAKUDEKU) (COMPLETED)by well then, hello
AU where Kacchan is a villian and kidnaps Izuku • Completed • started June 16th and ended July 21st (old name: Kidnapped)
twister  ★  finney    by addiemarie23
twister ★ finney by acid.reflex
(xreader) based on black phone y/n lives in california but has to move due to her dad going on a business trip to canada, she moves to denver with her mom only to find o...
My Sexy Kidnapper by livingthethuglyfe
My Sexy Kidnapperby Ghostface
Picture this: You enter the mall with your friends. As you're making your way to buy a strawberry smoothie, you notice something more delicious walking right towards you...
My Protective Alpha Mate by CharlotteMichelle96
My Protective Alpha Mateby Charlotte Michelle
"Karma..." He muttered. I looked over at him as he smiled to himself. "Is a bitch. And so are you!" I joked. Aiden glanced up at me and glared before...
Captured by KellyAnneBlount
Capturedby Kelly Anne Blount
IN DEVELOPMENT SONY TELEVISION PICTURES & KOMIXX ENTERTAINMENT (The Kissing Booth) 2014 Watty Award Winner, Selected by @PPZmovie for the Best Female Horror Storie...