CheeseNCrackers' Theory

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*I'll be posting theories from Captured fans on here as additional chapters. Submit your own via message or in a comment below for a chance to be featured in a special bonus chapter! :) 

CheeseNCrackers’ Theory:

I'm nearly positive that Abriana died and Alexa lived. When Abriana kicked Alexa in the face, she flew backwards and would of landed on her back, so it's unlikely that she drowned. Abriana may of died from her injuries or lack of blood, but I'm leaning towards the theory that, incase Abriana tried to get away (which Alexa was probably suspecting was going to happen), she put a type of poison in the drug she gave her so she would die no matter what. Alexa could of crawled to shore, assuming she didn't too pass out, and staged the whole thing to look like an accident. Calling 911 in tears after making sure they wouldn't arrive in time to save Abriana, acting franticly and devastated, and of course, fake crying, which we know she is extremely talented at. Abriana dies at the hospital, Alexa acts devastated, and then the funeral. Detective Lock said the turnout to the funeral was unusually big, which is because Abriana was A) had a lot more friends than Alexa and B) was on the news, so her funeral would most likely be huge. Detective Lock would probably think Alexa had been through a lot- losing her sister, being by her when she died, and whole thing with her in the hospital after the found Easton, and probably didn't suspect much of her at the time of chapter 29. Also, I'm pretty sure Alexa hated her sister too much to let her get away, and that Abriana couldn't kill Alexa, so to me it is pretty clear that Abriana died and Alexa lived.


*Captured Release Update*

Just wanted to let everyone know that I had to push back the release of Captured. I'll keep you all updated on the new release date and thank you for understanding! :) 

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